Share Your Dreams & Visions

This page was created for everyone to share their dreams and visions.  May the Lord continue to guide each and everyone one of us to correct interpretation with scripture.Acts2_17

Acts 2:17 And it will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.


One thought on “Share Your Dreams & Visions

  1. From: Michael
    MARCH 29, 2016 AT 3:09 AM

    woke up at 12:13 am and recorded this dream Friday, March 25 2016

    was riding a bike ( one of those motorcross – mountain types ) thought I was in downtown Phoenix desperately trying to get home for some reason but quickly became lost in the grid and could not find a way out. then was on foot runing past a dirt parking lot – suddenly going around and over sleeping homeless people – surprised me because it was still light out.
    Then they suddenly got up ( 4-5 of them ) and started to surround me – I tried to outrun and evade, but they caught me quickly – One had his arms around me from the back so I could not escape. Another one yelled to the others talking about me,” He’s the one that killed that baby !!! ” Tried to explain I killed no one, they would not believe me – The one holding me said ” to let you go, were gonna fight and you’ll have to beat me really good ” Felt anxiety in the dream knowing I was trapped so I gathered my strength, tightened my left leg internally and kicked backwards straight up to to injure his crotch area to shock and loosen his grip – I immediately woke up in bed and as my left leg was kicking backwards. And felt immediate relief that I had thwarted this attack.


    Asking the Spirit and pondering most of the day, what came to mind was I was suddenly in an unfamiliar situation in the city which could happen at any time now. The homeless people reminded me of evil coming against me suddenly, weather spiritual or physical – the accuser who called me out for killing a baby could be an accusation against me from a false witness which comes forth suddenly to sideswipe and distract my purpose or destiny in the Lord. The person who held me literally felt like the suffocating grip of evil from somewhere. And because I am peaceful rather than violent, I froze for a moment knowing my limitations in the physical world. I felt tremendous empowerment when i made the split second decision to physicly fight back, which perhaps strengthened me for any upcoming spiritual warfare ??? It felt truly like The Lord had saved me from a bad outcome at the moment my leg shot against my attacker but standing strong I tried to do my part as well in Him. And He took me to a little deeper darkness to understand what I am to do in the spiritual realm when faced with a frozen fear.


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