Prayer Requests


I’ve added this page as a place to post prayer requests.  You can get as detailed as you wish or just place an unspoken request in the comments section.   Feel free to add prayer requests in the comments on any blog posting.

Matthew 18:19-20

19 Again I assure you that if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, then my Father who is in heaven will do it for you. 20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, I’m there with them.”

73 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Prayer Request From Deb:

    Prayer request that God’s will be done in my health issues. I have many health issues flaring up right now. Several are incurable and terminal. God did a miracle in my life and turned these all around 8 years ago when I was given 6 mths to live. So, I know if it is His will He can do it again. Please pray for grace for me, if I am to continue to walk this path without healing. Or, if it is His will I be healed, please pray for wisdom and discernment concerning all my medications and medical care. I am so thankful for the wonderful virtual family Yahweh has given me here and do not take any of you or your prayers for granted.
    Love you all, In Him,

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    1. Heavenly Father, we ask your to bring about complete healing for our sister Deb. As it is written in the book of Matthew, may this healing be used to Glorify your name and bring more into the Kingdom. In Jesus name. Amen.

      Matthew 9:6-8

      6 But so you will know that the Human One has authority on the earth to forgive sins”—he said to the man who was paralyzed—“Get up, take your cot, and go home.” 7 The man got up and went home. 8 When the crowds saw what had happened, they were afraid and praised God, who had given such authority to human beings.

      Matthew 12:13
      13 Then Jesus said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” So he did and it was made healthy, just like the other one.

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      1. We extend this prayer of healing to Sonshine and Kenzel’s Grandpa. May the Lord send his angels of protection around them and their families and bring about total healing in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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  2. Prayer request of Salvation for many people I know or strangers. Most of my Biological family is not saved, nor or any of my old friends, neighbors and strangers that I encounter during shopping visits or other places.

    Father we come to you in the name of your son Jesus, asking you to shake up and wake up all of these people and anyone out there that has not come to you asking for forgiveness. However you see fit to shake them up, we stand in agreement. Each of them needs to know the consequences of continuing in sin, so maybe visions of hell for each of them during sleep? We put our trust in you Lord and know your timing is always perfect.

    Amen & Amen.

    John 3:16-18
    16 God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him won’t perish but will have eternal life. 17 God didn’t send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through him. 18 Whoever believes in him isn’t judged; whoever doesn’t believe in him is already judged, because they don’t believe in the name of God’s only Son.

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    1. JC, I so agree. I don’t want to see anyone go to hell, family included. I see pictures of all these people stepping off a cliff straight into hell and it makes my stomach hurt. Especially knowing there are some very good, sweet but deceived people there, it breaks my heart. How much more must it grieve Yahshua and Yahweh.

      Years ago I was talking with the Lord and told Him I felt like a failure because I have never had the honor of leading someone to Him. He said, ” not all will get to harvest. You have planted and watered and tended the new babes with care. Do not say you have failed because, without the prayers of my people the fallow ground would not be broken up, seeds would not be planted, plants would not be watered, harvested and helped to come into My fullness. Indeed it is a privilege to lead someone into salvation, but, without the prayers and warfare of my faithful servants, some of these steps would not come to completion.”

      May we all continue to faithfully pray and war for lost souls.

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  3. Prayer Requests From Debra Walker – 3/16/16;

    Brother John L. has been suffering with back problems. Please pray for
    painless healing, alignment, and restoration. Also for him to be successful
    in following God’s orders to plant a new church. John will be providing
    prayer coverage for our two groups regularly. 😀

    Sister Paula’s brother Donald is hospitalized for the third time, in need
    of a liver transplant. Please pray that God will release one of His
    ministering angels with a new liver from the “parts room” in the third
    heaven. The storage room is stuffed full, because God’s people are praying
    for healing, but not restoration or replacement. Shalom for the rest of the
    family, including Paula.

    Brother Gill has had gallbladder issues. I’m remiss in praying that his
    surgery might be unnecessary; I think it was scheduled for February. (My
    notes got lost in the shuffle.) We can still pray for his healing,
    recovery, and restoration.

    Saturday’s Seder to bring glory to God through Sissy Chrissy’s & her
    husband’s efforts. Pray that the Lord manifest His Presence and Love to
    those attending. Shalom in double dose to Christine & hubby.

    Remember to praise, honor, thanksgiving, and glory to God, with blessings
    on His Name! God lives in our praises, and the thanks in a prayer is the
    postage that gets it delivered to the throne room.

    *Thank you!*

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  4. Awesome prayer call last night! Praising the Lord for His goodness.

    My husband has been sick with the flu twice now in app one month. He never gets sick, its always me due to autoimmune junk. After the call my head feels more clear, the headache has lessened and I had to repent of fear yesterday afternoon. Last round of the flu was unlike anything ever experienced and still healing from it. Chris has it again and is doing a bit better this morning.
    I’ve been praying over the Body of Christ and the effects of our water, food and chemtrails. All that stays in my heart is we are covered by the Blood. No weapon formed will prosper yet it doesnt say they won’t be formed.

    I find repenting of fear always opens the door for the Lord to move and puts everything back in His hands ……..not mine!

    Also, I had a dream a couple weeks ago that disturbed me. I was in a gathering of some sort with family and friends. Someone asked where my son was and I said “he’s locked up.” I took this as a warning and asked him how he was doing, also shared this dream with him. It would take pages to share what my son, daughter and granddaughter have been through the past year and a half. Much trauma, they both have spiritual gifts and know the Lord yet the enemy is hammering. In a nutshell their dad is serving 30 years in fed prison. He’s in constant contact with son, (son trying to gain approval and has control of his dads finances etc) but it’s a severe ungodly soul tie. Asking for prayer for healing from trauma of all kinds and them to heed the Lords voice again.


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    1. Heavenly Father, we ask that you touch this family for healing. May they be cleansed of all diseases, past hurts, any un-forgiveness, and any thing else that may be holding them captive. We ask that your Holy Spirit reign down upon them, so they may feel peace and prepare to do battle for your Kingdom. In Jesus Name. Amen

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  5. Thank you JC. No un-forgiveness here, just the praying for healing in the kids and wish we lived closer. On the other hand I can see areas the Lord may have it this way. We are very close and always have been and for that I’m forever grateful!

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  6. We have a prayer request from Kathleen. Her and entire family is in need of healing from respiratory illness.

    Heavenly father, we ask for complete healing in this family in Jesus mighty name. We ask you to surround them with your warrior angels for peace, protection and 100% healing — in the name of your son Jesus… Amen.

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  7. My wife requested that prayers would be said for her about her wish o get a drivers license. Its quite expensive here in Finland and we/she needs it so we can transport the children more conveniently.

    Thank you for the prayers

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  8. Praying for all requests. Thank you Lord for this amazing group. Those of us who do not attend a church for a prayer covering……….what a blessing! A place to come together to uphold one another through these troubling times. Thank You Father for answered prayer, for healing, for making a way where there seems to be none, for supernatural protection and for every single thing You have done and do for us in Jesus mighty name. !!

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  9. Please keep Deb P. in your prayers for healing, wisdom and grace.

    Deb is having sinus & breathing problems, and is having pulmonary function test tomorrow, which tends to make her cough and her chest hurt. She’s also in process of reducing daily medications and has labs scheduled next week.

    Also prayers for her husband for possible back surgery complications.
    Unspoken request for her son.


  10. Prayer Requests from Debra Walker:

    Kenda almost cut off the top of her left index finger, about 0.5″ today/yesterday. She is not going to doctor. Pray for healing, restoration, no pain.

    My sister-in-law Julie lost both breasts to cancer, survived chemo and radiation after the surgery, and now a few months later her body is trying to die. Pray life!


    1. Heavenly Father we come to you in the name of Jesus asking for complete healing and restoration to both of these women. We also humbly ask you to send your Angels of protection around these women so they can feel your Loving arms around them. Amen.


  11. Asking that we keep all these prayer requests in our thoughts as we come together in the body of Christ during our personal prayer time. There’s a new request for Vicki’s family after dealing with a recent death.

    May the Lord bring peace to all of them, and that each one stand in the Loving arms of our father knowing that he’s always there right next to them. If any of them do not know the Lord, we ask that your will be done to wake them up before it’s too late — in Jesus name, Amen.


  12. Dana: The Lord healed her when she was supposed to die in the early 2000s. (alcohol and drugs) She got clean and sober again for some time but fell off again this time for years) Her mom and I, and my mom are all friends, Mom and Barb are very close. Dana is not on life support this time, her liver has shut down and they are taking her to Clovis for hospice. She’s vomiting blood. She’s about 50. Barbs other daughter Ronnie, has been off her meds for months, threatening her parents and is absolutely off her rocker. The Lord said, it’s all spiritual………….I’ve never met this girl:(
    Asking prayer for all of them. Barb knows the Lord and has spiritual giftings but is not in a church that teaches them so they are mixed which is one area the Lord showed me the other daughter is battling vs bipolar


    1. Thank you JC. I’ve had no updates. She will not let her mom on her list:( How heartbreaking for her with both daughters so angry at her. A dangerous place to be spiritually…..

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  13. Prayers needed for a little boy named Zander, he’s being abused. Please God release him from the wiles of the enemy. Place a hedge of protection around him that no weapon formed against him can longer harm him. May your will be done…In Jesus Name, Amen

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    1. Tears! Thank you both so much!!! I knew you would pray. I knew we needed more, more, more people to pray for answers and guidance. I sent my request at a very stressful time today. I knew you would pray with us.

      This is our Grandson, our hearts are broken but we have him in our care now. We have been praying since Sat. night along with others. Today after I sent out more requests, God began to provide clarity and direction and help. He’s amazing how He has opened the right doors at just the right time….answering our prayers. BUT the battle has just begun…we need to keep Him in our care (the system is broken) and he needs to heal. I know you will continue to pray for Zander and his future and also his father, our son to finally be able to raise him in a safe and wholesome home. God has a plan, I believe that with all my heart, soul and mind. I trust Him and His plan.

      Thank You Father for Your protection and love, thank You for Your faithfulness.

      Love to you both,

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  14. Heavenly Father Thank you for our brother in Christ, James. Father we ask in Jesus Name that James be comforted that You are all knowing, that You Father know before we do the need. We pray that Your loving arms be wrapped around James, that Your love fill him up and overflow around him giving him peace. Bless him Lord with healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit. ..keeping him safe from the wiles of the enemy, protecting him from any weapons formed against him. Thank You Jesus for loving us and for Your faithfulness…we ask these favors and blessings, in Jesus Name, Amen

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  15. Paul has arrived at some far-away place in India. He is joining a crusade already in progress, for music and worship (whether as worship leader or group participant I don’t know). Yesterday about 1000 attended the crusade. It goes for two more days, May 23 & 24, 2016. The scheduled time is 6:30-10:30pm, 4 hours. India is 12.5 hours ahead of Pacific time (PDST). That translates to 6:00-10:00am PDST (7-11 Mountain, 8-noon Central, 9am-1pm Eastern) Monday and Tuesday.

    The sounding of the shofar on a phone call yesteray afternoon released a new anointing for Paul. As the call progressed and more revelation was given to us, we understood that Paul will receive the Book of Acts, Chapter 2, anointing of the Holy Spirit at this conference. People will see the Spirit’s Holy Fire on him, and what starts as a spark will ignite revival across India and then across Asia./b

    As the Holy Spirit prompts you, please pray for the success of this crusade at least until it ends. Here are some specific ideas to pray for, but if you think of something else, pray that too:

    1. Lift up Paul for boldness, anointing, wisdom, strength, protection. In our intercession, we are his spiritual armor bearers. We are to make sure his armor stays intact and does not get damaged.

    2. Protection for his family and home.

    3. Open hearts of the people, crusade organizers, and the speakers to include a pouring out of the Holy Fire upon them.

    4. Supernatural provision for any needs, any time extension needed for the facilities or location, possible nourishment for participants, whatever monies may be required.

    5. Any supernatural favor that may be needed with man.

    Thank you and God bless you for your faithfulness in prayer!

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  16. Asking prayer for my mom Beth. We are at the ER with a possible diverticulitis flare. Praying for His healing and no surgery


  17. Wow thank you Jesus!! Doc just came in right after posting here and awhile ago…no surgery. CT Scan looked pretty good so am to bring her back if needed
    Thank you!

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  18. Thank you all for your prayers. It’s been an hour that she’s feeling a tad better. We are thinking food poisoning. Whew! What a day/night. Thank you Jesus!

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  19. Greetings brothers and sisters. . .
    I have an unspoken prayer request. I hope at some point to be able to disclose more about this situation, but currently am not or I would be “uncovering sin” of another. I hope to have a testimony when this is fully resolved.

    Thank you all for your prayers; I TRULY appreciate it and need it.

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      1. Thank you, James. . . .
        No matter what the outcome, this is what I believe:

        Romans 8:27-28 ~
        “27And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. 28And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. “

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  20. Ya’ll, I need help covering a dear former pastor and watchman. EVERY time the Lord is about to use her mightily she gets physically slammed. It would take books, yes plural, to write all the lives changed through this woman of God!
    She’s been sick to her stomach and all that goes with it for a couple weeks, will get better a day or so, then it hits again hard.

    I took her to the hospital once before the Lord sent her supernaturally to India the first time. Just an example. The same area of attack happened on her other trip to India. Asking for prayer for the attacks to stop, His healing, (I keep getting rising with Healing in His wings, but also just an outright hard attack) and for supernatural provision. This is NOT a paid minister and is living on retirement. Gods’ getting her prepared for the “underground” church and other areas prior.

    Thank you and blessings!!!


  21. Thank you James. She’s been my closest friend many, many years and oh how I miss the move of Holy Spirit and tarrying in those services. I pray the Lord uses her even more powerfully in this hour we are in!!!

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  22. Pleading the Blood of Jesus over Deb. I speak the matchless Name of Yahshua Ha Mashiach over her and command healing to return to her body in His Name. I understand that the enemy is trying to take her out. I know she has been assigned some mighty exploits in these end times. She has also been assigned as a Prayer Warrior “General” over a group of Spiritual Warriors.
    She knows many strategies and the enemy doesn’t like that.

    No weapon formed against her will prosper. She WILL complete all of God’s perfect plan for her life, In Jesus’ Name.

    ARISE and take your place, WARRIOR DEB!!

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  23. Hello everybody dear brothers and sisters. Still only rumors at work but they might be putting away people at work again this christmas and given my stance and opinions coming from a Christian worldview i suspect i might be on that list Of people WHO is to be set off.

    IF that is the case i pray the Lord will let my going be an example Of Christian love&patience and that My children&wife can be provided for.

    Still no certainty but i heard the big bosses riding rough over the smaller demanding increased productivity. And as a worker i know what that means.

    So prayers please 🏃🏻


    1. Praying Stig. That’s got to be hard with being the provider. As James said, soon. We are so very close to walking on 100% faith throughout the entire body of Christ.

      I want to share with you the body of Christ in action. I pray this encourages you. This just happened this past week:

      There’s a watchman who does regular programs, shouting the alarm etc (I’ll skip his name) is NOT one that sells books, markets CDs etc. He barely gets by. Occasionally one of his friends will put out a “if you’d like to help support this ministry” type deals. One time it was so he could make his house payment. He’s always sent out FREE, CDs, DVDs etc as long as you send a self addressed stamped envelope. He needs surgery, the Lord told him to wait due to the times we are in.
      Three days ago, I noticed on the group site there was an anonymous request from one of the believers to help a brother and sister in need. They were about to lose their home. None of us, no one knew who this was. The post didn’t stay up long. Later that evening I learned it was one of the two women intercessors I’m always connected to on a chat window. I mean seriously we fellowship numerous times a week over the past few years. I had no idea of all this…till later that evening….The minister had called her and her hubby out of the blue and sent them the money for the payment so the bank didn’t foreclose!

      She/we, was praising the Lord on chat! None her other friends knew anything about the need! Only the one who posted anonymously on the forum, the group admin and I’m not quite sure it was with her permission lol.

      My friend and her hubby have been helping a homeless person all this time, via their son. He felt sorry for her, got her a job and asked his parents to help with her basic needs. She lives in a wooded area in Florida vs the streets. The son hit a roadblock in his faith recently. He’s been working in the city counsel (in his 20s) exposing corruption and its done a number on him.

      After helping the homeless lady, then bringing the parents into helping with her laundry, needs etc all to have it stolen, his faith hit the wall when someone stole all this ladies belongings. Yep, stole the homeless ladies things……..tent, cot, clothes, you name it. They had even managed to make her a homemade cooling unit that uses water and ice. When the thieves hit, he bottomed and got angry, questioning his faith. (he was one of our prayer targets).

      Well, someone anonymous, sent a love offering to replace the belongings, (he still lives with his parents), next a minister out of the blue sent the house payment………..Isn’t God just totally amazing!?!?! This is the beauty of those who love and follow the leading of Holy Spirit in action. When I think of how this young man, in an hour of learning the evils of the system and tired in his faith must have felt…………:-O! Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness and Your provision!

      Stig, this is an every day thing lately. Widows are being secretly cared for, pastors who are retired, people who are struggling suddenly have provision or people taking them into their home etc. I see needs being met supernaturally like this all the time. He is readying us for walking on total faith…….like crows feeding Elijah and manna from heaven.


      1. Indeed excellent examples. We get alot Of clothes Toys etc that My wife usually happens along at the right moment and finds a huge stash Of prime things at second hand shops.

        And i work to pay house&food and heating Oil etc. We manage but time to time we just Run out.


  24. Stig, we will keep this in prayer for only the will of the Lord to be done. Trust in him always for provisions. We all must do this, as soon we will see Global chaos and “norms” won’t apply any longer. We all need to do our part now, but rely on the Lord when we run out of supplies. He will supernaturally provide what we need or bring someone to us that can help.


    1. Praying too Stig. I remember all too well the days of not being able to feed my kids and clothe my kids properly. It’s heart breaking as a parent. I can look back and see how God moved and provided but sure didn’t feel like it for a long time

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  25. Hello Everybody,

    One of our brothers-in-Christ (Dr. David) will be going to visit his dying Uncle Pancho on Saturday to bring the Gospel message. He will also be sharing with his two cousins, Bobby and Clyde. There will also be additional unsaved family members showing up, so this is going to be an evangelistic opportunity.

    Here’s the email I received from Dr. David, with permission to share this with all of you for prayers:

    Ive been praying and fasting for my uncle all week. Last night his son called me at 11:30pm. Their having him sign his advanced directives and sending him home with kidney failure and severe congestive heart failure today. I decided to book a flight after my surgeries tomorrow and head their tomorrow night… with my wife’s blessing. Praying that we can spend some time together Saturday and bring another lost sheep into the fold.

    Please let’s cover this situation with prayer . . . .
    Thank you all very, very much. You are ALL in my daily prayers/intercession.

    Blessings, love and hugs,
    Sis Linda

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  26. Update from “Dr. Dave’s Prayer Request —

    Well, the new babe in Christ -poncho Carmack was born last night at about 11pm. It didn’t exactly go how I envisioned it but it happened. I led him through a prayer of forgiveness and acceptance of Jesus into his heart and the seed has been officially planted into nutrient dense soil… Now the real battle begins. Will it take root? I believe that it will. His condition has truly humbled him. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit is able to bring true conversion and change to his heart. Now we will see what the Lord has in store for the rest of the family tomorrow. Thx for all your payers and support Linda! It means a lot to me and The Lord .


  27. Hi, everyone. I haven’t ever commented on here or talked to anyone, but was wanting to leave a prayer request for salvation for my husband and kids. There are so many things in opposition to especially my kids, like influences at school and stuff. Please pray that I would be a mom who isn’t working against what Christ is trying to do for all of them.

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    1. Prayers also for you and your family. May the Lord give you strength and guide you in this area. Many of us have family, friends and neighbors who are not saved — we all have to keep praying for them, as I know the Lord hears our prayers. 🙂

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  28. Prayers for you and your family. It’s not an easy walk with our family being away from the Lord. “Follow peace” is what the Lord gave me some time ago. He has had to do much work in me over time and still is……

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  29. Prayers for my sister Linda appreciated. Asking the Lord for greater portions of Clarity, Discernment and Wisdom to come to her for where she is living, her job and asking that only the Lord’s will be done there.


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