We Walk By Faith And Not By Fear!

Stand strong and keep seeking the Lord everyone. Some people may bring in doubt and fear because they are being guided by emotions and not the Holy Spirit. Pride has no place for our walks either.


Walk_By_Faith2If we truly know the Lord, we will not be living in fear.  We have a reverential fear of the Lord, that gives us strength in knowing that he is always with us and will never leave us or forsake us.

Holy_Spirit_DoveWe all must be guided by the Holy Spirit and not our emotions.  We must follow what the Holy Spirit tells us individually and not be doing what others are doing; nor are we to agree with all words people are telling us. 

test_the_spiritsHoly_BibleTest all things, hold onto the truth and do not compromise.   It truly matters not who the prophetic words, teachings, preachings or dreams and visions come from.  If anything contradicts scripture or it’s leading people in fear, first pray and ask if it’s truly from the Lord.  We are and have been warned about what is to come, but it’s to stay focused each day and…

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