Veil Of Deception — Dream From 7/2/16

Never live in wordly fear, but instead ask the lord to reveal the truth in anything that is being covered up. Matters not if this is a relationship, home owner/land lord, car dealer, etc. Many people knowingly deceive others for the purpose of making money. Not sharing known problems is indeed deception. Pray for those caught up in these things, as they will be standing before the Lord. Pray that all come to Jesus and repent while they still can.


deceptionI woke up from a dream on 7/2/16 and was grateful that it was over and just a dream.  

just_marriedI was in my 30’s (now in my 50’s) and had just married someone that I thought I knew very well.  She was very kind, single, had no children and proclaimed to be a Christian.  I already had my own house, so it made sense that she move there from her place of rental.  

psycho_personfull_dumpsterhillbilly_familytoo_many_petsmother_in_lawI remember coming home from work one day to find so many changes, that it made my head spin.  She had removed all of my stuff and replaced them with her own.   She also moved in her  5 children, 4 dogs, 2 cats and her mother.  I was in shock to say the least.  I never knew she had any kids or pets and she never talked about her mother.

wake_up_nowThat is when I…

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