Our Fight Is Spiritual, Not Flesh and Blood!

Stay focused on the Lord as attacks seem to be accelerating from all areas. Turn it over to the Lord in faith and don’t take the bait that may even come from people you know. Forgive folks quickly and ask the Lord for greater portions of grace to do just that. Sometimes silence on our parts is best. Above all else, put on the full armor so you can stand against the enemy attacks!


armor_of_godKeep Armored Up, Everyone.  The enemy and his minion are ramping up attacks against believers of our Lord Jesus!  Stand Strong!  The enemy will use anything and everything to come against us. 

Power_Of_PrayerThe enemy will also use Luke-Warm Christians, Fake Christians and certainly unbelievers.    It’s all a distraction and will often cause unnecessary stress!  Don’t argue or debate these people, it will just cause more stress that could lead to anger and unforgiveness!  Pray for them, so they are set free from everything holding them captive!

Fruits_Of_RighteousnessHow can you identify a Fake or Luke-Warm Christian? 

rotten_fruit Look for the fruit of the spirit.  Fruit of the Spirit does not include:  Lies, Cheating, Greed, Gossip, Slander, Foul Language, Pride, Unforgiveness, Storing Up Earthly Treasures, Taking Advantage Of People, Bringing forth constant contradictions, constantly pointing out other people’s faults and failures, etc.

Remember that just because you go to a church building…

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One thought on “Our Fight Is Spiritual, Not Flesh and Blood!

  1. Although I pray the Armour got God over myself and my surroundings, I’ve come to appreciate the spiritual battles when they make their way into my life. For me, they always serve to teach and it helps to know they’re spiritual.

    The blessing in them: First the gift of discernment that increases 10 fold. Next, one can clearly see the valleys, the hills and then the mountains, a continuous journey (happening over & over again) that draws us nearer & nearer to our Lord & Saviour! On the other side of each lesson is increased knowledge, increased peace and increased joy.

    Our Lord allows it all to bring us closer & closer to Him.
    Praise His Holy Name!

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