The Last Hour


1 John 2

My little children, I am writing you these things so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ the Righteous One.

2 He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for those of the whole world.

Ten Commandmentscommandments_from_jesus
3 This is how we are sure that we have come to know Him: by keeping His commands.

4 The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” yet doesn’t keep His commands, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

5 But whoever keeps His word, truly in him the love of God is perfected. This is how we know we are in Him:


6 The one who says he remains in Him should walk just as He walked.

7 Dear friends, I am not writing you a new command but an old command that you have had from the beginning. The old command is the message you have heard.


8 Yet I am writing you a new command, which is true in Him and in you, because the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining.

9 The one who says he is in the light but hates his brother is in the darkness until now.

10 The one who loves his brother remains in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him.



11 But the one who hates his brother is in the darkness, walks in the darkness, and doesn’t know where he’s going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.

12 I am writing to you, little children, because your sins have been forgiven
because of Jesus’ name.

13 I am writing to you, fathers, because you have come to know
the One who is from the beginning.
I am writing to you, young men, because you have had victory over the evil one.

14 I have written to you, children, because you have come to know the Father.
I have written to you, fathers, because you have come to know
the One who is from the beginning.
I have written to you, young men, because you are strong,
God’s word remains in you, and you have had victory over the evil one.
15 Do not love the world or the things that belong to the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him.

16 For everything that belongs to the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride in one’s lifestyle—is not from the Father, but is from the world.

17 And the world with its lust is passing away, but the one who does God’s will remains forever.

18 Children, it is the last hour. And as you have heard, “Antichrist is coming,” even now many antichrists have come. We know from this that it is the last hour.

19 They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. However, they went out so that it might be made clear that none of them belongs to us.

20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you have knowledge.

21 I have not written to you because you don’t know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie comes from the truth.


22 Who is the liar, if not the one who denies that Jesus is the Messiah? This one is the antichrist: the one who denies the Father and the Son.

23 No one who denies the Son can have the Father; he who confesses the Son has the Father as well.

24 What you have heard from the beginning must remain in you. If what you have heard from the beginning remains in you, then you will remain in the Son and in the Father.

25 And this is the promise that He Himself made to us: eternal life.

26 I have written these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you.

27 The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you don’t need anyone to teach you. Instead, His anointing teaches you about all things and is true and is not a lie; just as He has taught you, remain in Him.

28 So now, little children, remain in Him, so that when He appears we may have boldness and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.

29 If you know that He is righteous, you know this as well: Everyone who does what is right has been born of Him.

Daniel 12:1-13


At that time Michael the great prince
who stands watch over your people will rise up.
There will be a time of distress such as never has occurred
since nations came into being until that time.
But at that time all your people who are found written in the book will escape.

2 Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake,
some to eternal life, and some to shame and eternal contempt.

3 Those who are wise will shine like the bright expanse of the heavens,
and those who lead many to righteousness,
like the stars forever and ever.

4 “But you, Daniel, keep these words secret and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will roam about, and knowledge will increase.”

5 Then I, Daniel, looked, and two others were standing there, one on this bank of the river and one on the other.

6 One of them said to the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “How long until the end of these extraordinary things?”

7 Then I heard the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river. He raised both his hands toward heaven and swore by Him who lives eternally that it would be for a time, times, and half a time. When the power of the holy people is shattered, all these things will be completed.

8 I heard but did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will be the outcome of these things?”

9 He said, “Go on your way, Daniel, for the words are secret and sealed until the time of the end.

10 Many will be purified, cleansed, and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.

11 From the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.

12 The one who waits for and reaches 1,335 days is blessed.

13 But as for you, go on your way to the end; you will rest, then rise to your destiny at the end of the days.”

2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering together unto Him,

2 that ye be not soon shaken in mind or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as if from us that the Day of Christ is at hand.

3 Let no man deceive you by any means, for that Day shall not come, unless there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,


4 who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sitteth as God in the temple of God, showing himself to be God.

5 Remember ye not that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

6 And now ye know what withholdeth, that he might be revealed in his time.

7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now holdeth back will hold him back, until he is taken out of the way.

8 And then shall that wicked one be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming—

9 even him, whose coming is according to the working of Satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 and with all the deceit of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,


12 that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


13 But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren, beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you for salvation, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth,

14 whereunto He called you by our Gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold to the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word or our epistle.

16 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and God even our Father, who hath loved us and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace,

17 comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.

“Nearer, My God, To Thee”


18 thoughts on “The Last Hour

  1. That 1 John 2:27 about anointing teaching is one of My all time favourite scripture. Ever since i started to believe and profess Christ i have had an increasing presence of mind that continues to grow as i age. I sometimes snatch things from years past i read as i see things here on this blog and make connections i never thought i could.

    Im not perfect not by any means but my mind is working sometimes at levels i cannot attribute to anything i am able to do or have learned.

    Some people think me foolish and sometimes i maybe am but When this concentration hits me i can connect easily things that should be above My paygrade so to speak.

    Anyone else sensed this?

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    1. I do Stig but never have I been able to put words to it like you have here. I give our Lord Jesus all the glory.

      So much understanding has come forth from past experiences its like connection dots. Still so much to learn though.

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  2. Stig, that scripture verse is very true for myself but in a different way from yours. Only the Lord can give each of us a true understanding when we read the Holy Bible. Back in the early 80’s when I was first saved, I would read the Bible out of habit. That time reading — the words never really sunk in. Since returning back in early 2015, it feels like he has had me in accelerated mode in many areas.
    The Lord is amazing always.

    “27 The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you don’t need anyone to teach you. Instead, His anointing teaches you about all things and is true and is not a lie; just as He has taught you, remain in Him.”

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    1. What you describe Jc reminds me of my wife’s experience. She was raised a catholic a dutiful one and once she met me and we talked about the bible and prayed together and as she accepted Christ as savior the scripture opened up to her on a new level.

      Indeed God is good!

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      1. Oh I feel the Holy Spirit in this conversation…it’s not by chance that we all have had similar experiences…so many I know say the same. Our Lord at work, His promises played out in us all.

        I used to cry and become frustrated for not being able to understand what I read in the Bible….that went on for most of my life and so I fell away from the church. After rededicating my life to Christ, repenting and being baptized (full body) I felt I was blessed with “new eyes to see” and “new ears to hear”. I was amazed at the new understanding I was given when reading my Bible. I have many Bibles of all kinds, they were all and attempt at trying to understand what I was reading. Now my first choice when reading Gods word is the KJV.

        All that time, all I really needed was the Lord. All He really wants is to have a relationship, fall on your knees, repent, follow Him…do that and all else falls into place…He asks so little and gives so much. He is so amazing!!!

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  3. Daily Devotional — 2/28/17

    On that day a great persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria…Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. Acts 8:1, 4

    Again and again we see that in many countries, right before persecution comes, the church grows rapidly. This happened in northern Korea one hundred years ago just before the Japanese occupation and persecution.

    It is helpful to remember this theme from the book of Acts: persecution does not necessarily cause church growth but church growth appears to cause persecution!

    Church leaders among the many house church networks in China (the fastest growing church in the world) repeatedly share that suffering for Jesus often brings about a greater harvest of souls.

    Sariman was a young student preparing himself to serve the Lord among the thirty million Sundanese of Indonesia, the largest unreached people group in the world. During a violent attack on the Bible school, Sariman was killed and many other students were wounded. Sariman bravely assisted his friends although he could have saved himself. Before his death he was tortured and other students testified how Sariman was slaughtered. He was hit with a bar of wood and iron, then hacked, stabbed and his mouth was cut from the left cheek to the right cheek.

    Upon hearing yet another testimony of martyrdom, many questions arise. “Why this tragedy, Lord? How long will you allow this to continue? This is such a terrible loss for this wonderful ministry. What is the sense in all of this?”

    Then the dean of the Bible school completes the testimony and indirectly answers our questions: “The victory in this tragedy is that only ten days after the murder of Sariman we had ten new applicants to study at the Bible school. Today, six months after the incident, we have ninety-eight new students who are willing to go where Sariman would have gone. The blood of the martyrs is indeed seed.”

    Paul clearly warns the Church in Galatia (Galatians 5:1) to stand firm in the midst of freedom. Freedom is not a time to relax. Freedom often creates a new kind of slavery. There is a price tag attached to freedom and we need to count the cost. It is time to open our hearts to the valuable lessons that we can learn from those that follow Christ in restricted countries—even to their death.

    RESPONSE: Today I will accept the biblical teaching and the many church growth examples that suffering often brings about a greater harvest of souls.

    PRAYER: Lord, we pray today for Your fast-growing suffering churches around the world. May they be encouraged as they see many more souls added to Your kingdom.

    Standing Strong Through The Storm (SSTS), a daily devotional message by SSTS author Paul Estabrooks. © 2011 Open Doors International. Used by permission.


  4. Several Prayer Requests Are Out There For Various People. The requests are for:

    1 Person needs Deliverance from (Unforgiveness, Anger, Gossip, Foul Language, Addictions, Pride, Covetous, Vengeful Heart).

    Other requests are for Salvation (Family Members, Neighbors, Friends, Co-Workers), Physical/Mental Strength, Healing & Jobs.

    The Lord knows what each person needs before they even ask.

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    1. Galatians 5:16-26
      16 I say then, walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. 17 For the flesh desires what is against the Spirit, and the Spirit desires what is against the flesh; these are opposed to each other, so that you don’t do what you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

      19 Now the works of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, moral impurity, promiscuity, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, dissensions, factions, 21 envy, drunkenness, carousing, and anything similar. I tell you about these things in advance—as I told you before—that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

      22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. 25 Since we live by the Spirit, we must also follow the Spirit. 26 We must not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.

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  5. A Few Definitions of words found in scripture to help with understanding.
    Conceited = excessively proud of oneself; vain.

    Envy = Desire to have a quality, possession, or other (Perceived) desirable attribute belonging to someone else.

    Revile = criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner.

    Deceit = the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

    Righteousness = the quality of being morally right or justifiable.


    1 Peter 2:18-25

    18 Household slaves, submit with all fear to your masters, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel. 19 For it brings favor if, mindful of God’s will, someone endures grief from suffering unjustly. 20 For what credit is there if you sin and are punished, and you endure it? But when you do what is good and suffer, if you endure it, this brings favor with God.

    21 For you were called to this, because Christ also suffered for you,
    leaving you an example, so that you should follow in His steps.
    22 He did not commit sin, and no deceit was found in His mouth;
    23 when He was reviled, He did not revile in return;
    when He was suffering, He did not threaten
    but entrusted Himself to the One who judges justly.
    24 He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree,
    so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness;
    you have been healed by His wounds.
    25 For you were like sheep going astray,
    but you have now returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls.

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  6. Daily Devotional — 3/1/17

    Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. Psalm 37:5-6

    A lthough things are not perfect
    B ecause of trial or pain
    C ontinue in thanksgiving.
    D o not begin to blame,
    E ven when the times are hard.
    F ierce winds are bound to blow.
    G od is forever able.
    H old on to what you know;
    I magine life without His love,
    J oy would cease to be.
    K eep thanking Him for all the things
    L ove imparts to thee.
    M ove out of “Camp Complaining.”
    N o weapon that is known,
    O n earth can yield the power
    P raise can do alone.
    Q uit looking at the future;
    R edeem the time at hand;
    S tart every day with worship.
    T o “thank” is a command
    U ntil we see Him coming
    V ictorious in the sky.
    W e’ll run the race with gratitude;
    X alting God most high.
    Y es, there’ll be good times and yes some will be bad, but…
    Z ion waits in glory…where none are ever sad![1]

    RESPONSE: I am too blessed to be stressed!

    PRAYER: Thank You, Lord, for the encouragement I receive from following Your ways.

    1. Author unknown.

    Standing Strong Through The Storm (SSTS), a daily devotional message by SSTS author Paul Estabrooks. © 2011 Open Doors International. Used by permission.


  7. Those “ABC’s” are pretty neat.
    I don’t know who wrote that either, or where I got a hold of it, but I did send it out inside my Christmas Cards many years ago.

    Thanks for reminding me of that.

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