My Words Become Fire In Your Mouth

It is important that we do not pray against the will of God.  We should ask for mercy during upcoming judgment, so more may come into his kingdom.

you_don't_Say Look on my face when someone says something that just doesn’t sit right in my spirit.

If someone tells you that we should pray away judgment against any nation — WARNING!  We should instead intercede for more souls to enter the Kingdom.

With the exception of a remnant in the Body of Christ, the United States and many other nations have turned their back on the Lord.  Nations refuse to allow God in their leadership, but allow Sin & Corruption as the standard operating procedure.  As a result of this rebellion, humanity has already sealed its fate.  It is not Gods fault of what is to soon be unleashed, but the fault of humanity as a whole.


Jeremiah 5:14-31

Coming Judgment
14 Therefore, this is what the Lord God of Hosts says: Because you have spoken this word, I am going to make My words become fire in your mouth.
These people are the wood, and the fire will consume them. 

15 I am about to bring a nation from far away against you,
house of Israel. This is the Lord’s declaration. It is an established nation,
an ancient nation, a nation whose language you do not know and whose speech you do not understand.


16 Their quiver is like an open grave; they are all mighty warriors. 

17 They will consume your harvest and your food. They will consume your sons and your daughters. They will consume your flocks and your herds. They will consume your vines and your fig trees. They will destroy with the sword your fortified cities in which you trust.

18 “But even in those days”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“I will not finish you off.  

19 When people ask, ‘For what offense has the Lord our God done all these things to us?’ You will respond to them: Just as you abandoned Me and served foreign gods in your land, so will you serve strangers in a land that is not yours.

20 “Declare this in the house of Jacob; proclaim it in Judah, saying:


21 Hear this, you foolish and senseless people.  They have eyes, but they don’t see.
They have ears, but they don’t hear. 

22 Do you not fear Me?  This is the Lord’s declaration.  Do you not tremble before Me,
the One who set the sand as the boundary of the sea, an enduring barrier that it cannot cross? The waves surge, but they cannot prevail. They roar but cannot pass over it. 

23 But these people have stubborn and rebellious hearts.  They have turned aside and have gone away.

24 They have not said to themselves, ‘Let’s fear the Lord our God, who gives the rain, both early and late, in its season, who guarantees to us the fixed weeks of the harvest.’ 

25 Your guilty acts have diverted these things from you. Your sins have withheld My bounty from you,

26 for wicked men live among My people.  They watch like fowlers (one who snares birds) lying in wait.  They set a trap; they catch men. 

27 Like a cage full of birds, so their houses are full of deceit.  Therefore they have grown powerful and rich.


28 They have become fat and sleek. They have also excelled in evil matters.
They have not taken up cases, such as the case of the fatherless, so they might prosper,
and they have not defended the rights of the needy. 

29 Should I not punish them for these things?  This is the Lord’s declaration.
Should I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this? 

30 A horrible, terrible thing has taken place in the land. 

31 The prophets prophesy falsely,  and the priests rule by their own authority.
My people love it like this.  But what will you do at the end of it?


Jeremiah 6:22-26

A Cruel Nation from the North
22 This is what the Lord says: Look, an army is coming from a northern land;
a great nation will be awakened from the remote regions of the earth. 

23 They grasp bow and javelin.  They are cruel and show no mercy.
Their voice roars like the sea,  and they ride on horses,  lined up like men in battle formation against you, Daughter Zion.  

24 We have heard about it, and we are discouraged.  Distress has seized us—
pain like a woman in labor.  

25 Don’t go out to the fields;  don’t walk on the road.  For the enemy has a sword; terror is on every side.  

26 My dear people, dress yourselves in sackcloth and roll in the dust.
Mourn as you would for an only son, a bitter lament, for suddenly the destroyer will come on us.


23 thoughts on “My Words Become Fire In Your Mouth

  1. As always an excellent post JC. Read the sound of silence link i posted on the previous posting. You might appreciate it if the methods of mind control interest you people here.

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  2. Ditto what Stig said. excellent post James. It grieves me to hear those praying for our country. Mercy, yes………..but so very many pray for this, it grieves me in a way words cannot express. Scary. That’s a good word for it. To think we don’t deserve all His wrath over everything…………His love endures forever but He is just.

    Stig I shared your article with some people. One being my hubby. I’ve prayed and asked to get rid of the box, movies would be fine, you can rent them and turn them off if they have bad content etc.

    Yep, this feeling of heaviness is not a good one.

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    My family and I participated in a 40 Days For Life prayer vigil last year.

    Groups of people took turns praying silently in front of Planned Parenthood locations across the U.S. for 40 days.

    There is another coalition called Protest Planned Parenthood which is hosting its first of what will be many, annual nationwide protests at Planned Parenthood facilities on Saturday, April 23rd from 9:00am to 11:00am.

    The Fort Worth facility is located at 6464 John Ryan Drive. There will be concurrent vigils at the Dallas and Bedford Planned Parenthood facilities, as well as pretty much every facility in the U.S.

    I invite all of you to attend one of the locations and cover the place with prayers to end abortion.

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    1. In Finland abortions are done in public and private health clinics and is essentially everywhere available. But a good initaitive, wish here was something similar or pray is a better word.


  4. Stig-Ove that “sound of silence” article you put in the previous post was excellent – learned a lot – all the way thru the comments also. Thank You – we shall need you for decoding all this technology against us in the coming days my brother 🙂 Just think of the evil it conveys subconsciously into those who are asleep – especially all these” reality shows” – with frequency control, it can make anything seem ok – ahh yes – here we are – evil is good and good is evil. We will all need the Lords supernatural protection on us for this – kind of like invisible soundproof earmuffs.

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    1. And he will provide. I printed it out so i will not loose it again. The story why i got interested in digging up this article is a little interesting.

      At work on the radio they played a remake of Simon&Garfunkels Sound of silence and the band who made the new version was named Disturbed!

      This woke the memory in me about this article. Maybe the Lord working or not who can tell but he.

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  5. Excellent post, James. We TRULY are in a time where “pop goes the weasle” and it won’t be a little music box that pops up a clown either.

    The last couple of days I have been interceding in the Spirit. . . No clarity exactly on what I’m interceding specifically for, but felt the GRIEF of the Heavenly Father.

    NONE OF US CAN BE ADEQUATELY PREPARED for what’s unfolding globally, EXCEPT in a strong, 100% fully committed relationship with the LORD Jesus, Yahshua our Messiah. IF we don’t listen to and obey the Holy Spirit now, in what may seem “insignificant” matters. . . We will NOT be able to listen to and obey Him in times of chaos and crisis.

    TICK . . . TICK. . . TICK. . . TICK. . . KABOOM!!!! Suddenly a massive number of people will be thrust into eternity. . . . Ready or not . . . Both saved and unsaved (and that includes the lukewarm who think they are saved, but are heading into hell).


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    1. B2 stealthily crossed the border to Missouri. Only the faintest blip on the radar warned Finland of the imminent post to come. Finland hunkered down putting the helmet on awaiting the giant bomb of info and joy coming from B2:s arrival from Canada.


      Welcome back

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  6. I want to caution everyone that some sharing daily “words from the Lord” may be influenced by the enemy. I am seeing a lot of New Age things being sent out by others that only share Prophecy and Words from the Lord — please keep everyone in prayer, as I think this is an attack by the sulfuric creatures!


      1. I second that Sonshine…me too! Please everyone, I want to know also!

        I’ve been away for a bit. My father-in- law passed last Sat. and so I’ve only been able to check in a few times. I’ve been reading as many posts and comments as time has allowed.


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