This is a re-post from 1/4/2016. It’s important that we remain humble at all times, as it is pleasing to God.


its_all_about_meAs the masses continue in their prideful ways and refuse to submit all to the Lord, let us take the time to thank the Lord each day for all he provides.  Isn’t it better to store up heavenly treasure than to place all of our attention on our earthly possessions?

seven_deadly_sinsWe need to remove pride from our lives.  Do we really need to assign titles to ourselves, for the purpose of inflating ourselves above all others?  What is wrong with just having people call you by your first name?   Do we really want people to bow down to us?   Do we want to be looked at like the “Maharincess of Franistan” portrayed by Lucille Ball?  How about being viewed as a king like the one in “Farinelli and The King?”


When it is time to step into eternity, wouldn’t you rather have your lamps filled with oil?  Take in…

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8 thoughts on “Humble

  1. To balance between humbleness and the need to assert discipline and Love through the Word is a difficult road. Some people want to stay willfully ignorant. Today at work i tried to stimulate the guys to discussing things not too worldly, i occasionally try to goad them out of the safety zone of their women,tv, sports, alcohol talk to more spiritual subjects.

    Well the guys got nervous and one kicked the table so My coffee spilled and called me a clown. I said that the road is open to all you just need to take the first step. Still praying for these guys and hope i can instill something in them before its too late.

    In these situations keeping ones calm is the balance between humbleness and pride and anger is hard.

    But enlighetens for now

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  2. Silly me I was commenting on the original post in Jan.

    WOW Stig-Ove….way to go, obeying and so Warrior on Soldier and God Bless you!

    Many Blessings to you Brother,

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  3. Agreed vicki! Stig-ove, not easy to stand alone like that. The Lord honors that brother. That is why he sent them out in pairs of 2….. but to go it alone is a great testimony of your walk. Bless you!!

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  4. Kenzel, between that opening and all the others following….yuk. Abbas heart is not only broken His justice has to follow.
    Times up here and praying for more surgery on my heart. Create in me a clean heart Lord!

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    1. Sonshine15,
      I thought I’d heard it all. I just finished listening to Gil Broussard on A Minute to Midnight. I’m almost certain p7x will play a role in Seal 6. Much more to share but I think I need to prepare my heart, mind and keyboard. I also need to revisit the book of Revelations and seek his wisdom/clarity/understanding.
      Amen & Amen!


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