God Is Not The Author Of Confusion

1 Corinthians 14:33 for God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as it is in all churches of the saints.

The reason for this post, is that I have been seeing a lot of things shared by others that appear to be in contradiction with God’s will and prophecy.


This is not a time to get into “Don’t worry be happy” mode.  We need to keep up our prayers of salvation, so more can come into the Kingdom before it is too late.  Prophecy has been shared telling us that Judgment has already begun on the United States and other nations.


I personally do not believe we are to pray for our nations any longer, but instead pray for people as a whole.  The United States Government has removed the Lord from it’s ruling authority and the Lord has removed his hand of protection in return.  We can see how much man’s authority has replaced God in our Government, just by looking at the ridiculous Presidential Debates. 

Many people are being called into new roles and those roles are to help others reserve a spot in Heaven for all eternity.  Just like I’ve seen on a sign in this area, “Heaven requires a reservation, but Hell always is never full”.


God’s will has been removed from many churches.  Warnings have gone out stating that we can expect to see Judgment on those in authority of Churches that preach false doctrine and refuse to allow the freedom of the Holy Spirit within its walls.  Any preacher/teacher/minister that continues in spewing out “cotton candy” or man’s doctrine and does not repent, they will find themselves cast into the lake of fire for leading people in the wrong direction.


A good thing to ask, “What would Jesus Do”?   Would Jesus have allowed people to sell hot dogs, pretzels and party hats while he was preaching The Sermon On The Mount? Would he have allowed bankers to set up a booth, much like many ATMS can be found in churches?  Would Jesus have allowed people to sell CD’s and books during his sermon or after it?  Would Jesus have allowed people to play sad songs for the purpose of gathering in more cash for his ministry?


We need to use discernment more now than ever by seeking confirmation from the Holy Spirit.  If we get a sense of “something just isn’t right about that”, seek confirmation.  We either have misunderstood a message or the Holy Spirit can be telling us that someone is spreading false information.  This must be done by anything I share as well.  


If someone is using “Churchian speak”, it’s a good sign that they are not hearing from the Holy Spirit.  New Age thoughts and false doctrine words have infiltrated many blogs, churches and social media.  Remember, Satan knows the word of God too!


It’s time to take a Stand!  We can’t take the mindset of “It is ok to agree to disagree”!  I ask each and every person out there looking at this, to please seek guidance on anything you share here authored by other people.


Consider looking at this related post from my brother-in-law Dave:




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  1. JC,
    This is a very good post. There are so many good points in this.
    Thanks for reminding us!

    P.S. That weird-faced clown with the cotton candy picture, really does make a point. Also, you do a great job with all of your picture selections to illustrate your posts!

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  2. A word from Ali Winters (awatchmanonthewall)

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2016
    “As you go about your day, look for opportunities to bless, to be a blessing. Millions lay comfortable in darkness, shine My Light now – while time yet remains be a blessing. Soon the time will end and it will be much more difficult to shine for you will be consumed with survival. Shine now, shine to the glory of God.

    You have been warned. Fear not. Do not ignore My still small Voice. Do not faint nor grow weary. Fight weariness, fight doubt, fight fear. Stand tall in your faith. Trust Me and expect My glory to fill all. There is no room for doubt in the child of God.”

    “…fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

    “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31
    “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:21

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  3. Excellent post. One thing I didn’t think of……….about sharing on here…..I do listen to or read some teachings occasionally that are pre, or kingdom now even though I know they are in error. There are several in another group I am in who continually share revival now/kingdom now messages with me on messaging. I listen once in awhile in hopes they have repented and the message has changed. My response is always the same. Our sin has reached the ears of our Father, we have grieved Him beyond anything we can imagine.

    I see America in such pride for thinking we are special??? That our brethren are being persecuted yet we are somehow set apart and will have some great revival when in fact we have polluted and blasphemed our Lord to the point of no return…………..

    The other moderator and I have kept the forum open in hopes of shaking some of them who believe this doctrine. Just last week was posted that we would be pulling back away from the moderating. Those who have an ear will hear……..others are so convinced we are on the edge of revival, I fear they will have trouble standing when all breaks loose here. How do you go from believing we will have this huge revival over all this time…………to seeing horrific things take place and not had time to seek Him on how to walk in it. I’m just grieved over this. What does this do to those who have been told this and are new in the Lord……….

    Sorry for the ranting………..we go from one extreme of asleep to the other in sharing the Gospel

    ………Lord, help us wake up those who are still sensitive, those who are questioning and break through those who the god of this age has blinded……Holy Spirit lead every thought, every word, every step in Jesus name. Help us stand in the times coming upon us and we pray for an Anointing as never before to reach those during times of persecution. Your love Lord, we ask Your love show through each one of us with Holy Ghost boldness to finish the race.
    Acts 2, through Acts 7, whatever Your will Lord use us to reach those till we are out of this ugly, strange world.

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      1. I agree too Peggy. Revival not judgment, seeking the signs and wonders and not the giver, and THEN there is the replacement theology where we are the chosen because Israel blew it. Makes me so mad! Maybe it was God’s grace I got sick and couldn’t go to church. I was ready to flip over pews or something to wake people up.

        Those who refuse to see or think the baptism of the Holy Spirit are in for a rude awakening.

        I love the comment in the video JC posted, “we need a tax for stupidity. Our country would not have such a debt. “

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      2. Amen, Deb.
        Yes, “replacement theology” is a lie from the pit of hell.
        God is not through with the Jew!
        He has just put them on hold until the age of the Gentiles closes, then He’ll take the line off hold and say HELLO to the Jews!


  4. Here is something that poor old or young me have always found a tad confusing. look people just look at the amount of different bibles out on the market?

    Now i know the linguistucal argument of english vs hebrew and greek not matching. But take a small group where you have say 4-5 people all with different bible versions talking and studying.

    The Niv for instance and the word Morning star, this will not damn you but it might confuse a novice christian wanting to know more about Jesus.
    The word morning star is used for both Jesus and the devil in the Niv!
    This might have been rectified later but in the kjv the devil is called the son of the dawn like his hebrew name heylel ben shakar.

    I see a problem here that might be confusing if you are not mature enough to see the difference and thats where the copyright issues are important to note!

    Bibles of old enough peerage with no copyright ownership dont need to cut corners to make their own brand to make money.

    The love of money is the root of all evil and please remember this my loved sibs that sometimes we become blind to truth because we find or favor something that appeals to us!

    Most if not all are mature enough to see frauds here but a word of warning never fell anyone,only ignorance of it.

    Douglas Stauffer one book one authority is recommended reading for english audience. I found it full of pearls for finnish audience too.

    Love you all not bashing Jesus saves not foolish fighting over details. Please take this to the Lord!

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    1. Stig-ove,
      YES! Discernment in ALL things, even Bible translations.
      My understanding is that the NIV is a translation to stay away from.
      I understand that they have eliminated some of the original Scriptures and tampered with some of the Scriptures. I’m not sure what year this started.

      Also, the name can be casually placed on books that have been tampered with: “The Queen James Bible” and “The Gay Bible” are two instances.
      You should be able to find both of these on amazon.com

      When you mention Douglas Stauffer, do you know the title of the book, or is it a Bible translation? Thanks. Peggy

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    2. The NIV is a version to stay away from. I actually do have a couple copies but one of them also includes a commentary. The version I prefer at the moment is my NLT how ever someone recommended that I read the Chronological bible.

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    3. I tend to use multiple Bible versions when I am studying via Bible Gateway. You can pull up many versions at one time to compare the scripture. I’ve had 4-5 versions pulled up at once, as the part I was studying needed some clarification. I have 3 physical Bibles: King James, Amplified and Complete Jewish. There’s about 3 more I wanted to get: Chronological, New American Standard & Common English. Several people told me to stay away from the NIV.

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      1. Great post James!

        I agree 100% and regard your message as confirmation.

        I always wondered about the selling of material in the church and also at worship services outside the church. I’ve purchased material in the past but have always felt it strange that we want to sell the gifts God has given us. If they’re gift from God why not pass them on as gifts to advance His Kingdom.

        I hope I don’t offend anyone; I can only speak to what the Lord has shown me.

        For example…I can assure you that the paintings the Lord has painted through me, to teach me have been a blessing to me and my family. So much good has come from them and so many lessons, it’s powerful. I have no right to ask a cent for them, they were gift to me; they will serve as gifts to others.

        I see it this way…Christ Jesus paid with His blood, He freely died so I may live eternally. Then He ascended into heaven to prepare a place for me. He loves me that much! But see then He came to me and healed me through these paintings, He healed me body, mind and Soul and He began the process of healing our families. He did all this for little old me, me among millions and millions. He loves me that much! Less I forget that it was all given freely along with the ultimate love of my Savoir. Christ Jesus has done this very same thing (in various ways because he loves us that much) for many and yet a price has been attached to His gifts, selling them to others.

        NO, NO, NO…Jesus didn’t sell anything; He freely gave all, he gave His life. He gave freely when He walked this earth and He’s still giving freely today.

        Thank you Jesus for loving us, for your gifts, for your faithfulness, thank you for each and every one of us, thank you for bringing us together to learn and teach and glorify you and only you. Amen

        As for Bibles, I use Bible Gateway as well but only when I need clarification and also amplified. I always read from the KJV first though. I also try to find a translation in Hebrew and Greek for certain words. It worries me to read other translations.

        Now…what does this mean? If someone is using “Churchian speak”, it’s a good sign that they are not hearing from the Holy Spirit.

        “Churchian speak”???

        Blessing, love and hugs to all,


      2. Thanks for sharing that Vicki. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Thank You again for sharing those amazing paintings with all of us. Too me “Churchian Speak” is the words spoken by those in authority that have come out of Theology Schools and are speaking words they have been taught. This link does a good job at trying to explain the difference between Christianity and Churchianity.


      3. I’ve found “The Message Bible” really fun to read.
        (And I have read it cover to cover in less than 90 days—- TWICE.)
        It is in today’s contemporary language, but done by a Scholar.

        I also have the Amplified and the NLT.
        I bought The New King James to go with the Bible on CD that I have in that version. Sometimes I listen and read along at the same time.

        I have “The One New Man” Bible, but haven’t read it.
        Oh, yeah, and “Dake’s Bible”…..haven’t read it……


    1. Peggy, the media shouts in our faces. I watched the X Files this season due to the comments on it. I’ve never watched it before. The last one of the season was going into how everyone got alien DNA from polio vaccines. It then went into how the immune system was weakened towards all diseases etc. (My TV is off all day, I watch some movies with hubby and some shows like this one people have brought up, I think alex jones did too) After seeing the Watcher movies from LA, the X Files has enough truth mixed with lies to be scary. People are going bonkers over aliens. Remember years ago that group that waited on top of some hill for the spaceship? I can’t remember the name of them or the date………that was such a small scale of what is breaking loose.

      This needs confirmation so just putting it out there while waiting on the Lord. What I believe He showed me was massive amounts of moisture, mosquitoes all over with warm weather and the zika virus will be a catalyst. A false flag to use coming up soon. The thing I do not get is with so many threats upon us, why this one? As I said, praying for confirmation.

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    2. This is the device Tom Horn made famous in christian circles.
      This one is just the tip of the iceberg. More gene editing technology will be made public probably sooner than later.

      And vaccines are the preferred weapon of choice atm. By the multitude of thy sorceries thou hast weAkened the nations.
      Weakens and destroys they are not natural.
      Bill gates says in a speech that if they do a good job with vaccines they can cut population growth. The speech is on you tube i could find it but children calling.

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    3. I saw something similar to that story Peggy on TV. I tend to watch The History, Science & Blaze TV network. They are targeting college-age students, as they believe the many will want this DNA manipulation Kit to be “cool”. I would not be surprised to find out that the Elite have already started making this available on College campuses and other places where the immature crowds hang out.


      1. Very astute observation Peggy!
        But Jesus said also in the book of revelation that he hated the doctrine of the Nikolaitanes=conquerors of the layity=the doctrines of priesthoods chaining people to manmade doctrines.

        So in balance each person is first responsible to God and his word and if you put your trust and obedience there the need for doctrines and laws are minimal.

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    4. The Dake’s bible i heard mostly good things about, but i guess its the scholar within me that looked to it. We have one at our church but i haven’t had time to delve into it properly.

      The interlinear hebrew bible with strong’s coding numbers attached is something of a howitzer vs a Peacemaker in a gunfight. One is for big game the other for small fishing of men. Both have their uses you just need to apply it properly 🙂


      There so you can see. I vouch for this one but you need good eyesight or magnifying glass to read this one.

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      1. It was recommended to me to get “Dake’s Bible” in LARGE PRINT, which I did.
        Let me tell you the LARGE PRINT is not too large, being that this Bible is PACKED with information. I would probably have needed a double magnifying glass to see the regular print!

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    1. I’ve seen something similar to that Video you shared. To me it’s more confirmation of what others shared — Portals are now open and demonic entities/fallen angels are roaming free; some of them had been locked up until the Lord’s timing was perfect (Judgment time).


    1. WHOO-HOO! You go, girl!
      (Whoo-Hoo ’cause I know this is part of God’s assignment to you to get this information out. Also, I know HE has told you that HE can’t take you to the next level UNTIL you do this!!)

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      1. Kenzel,
        I just read your Part 2. Very interesting and thanks for sharing!
        I’m so glad that you stopped wrestling with the Holy Spirit and just submitted to His will!!

        In a few minutes I may post a short experience that a woman had recently where words just flowed uncontrollably out of her mouth……sounds like what you experienced in Part 2!

        Also, I would be interested in knowing that chain of events that Part 2 set off……but perhaps that will be noted in Parts 3 and 4……

        Great job, Kenzel!

        Love you and all here,

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      2. Kenzel,
        Please see this note from my friend about a recent experience by HER FRIEND. Please see the words which I have capitalized. They relate to part of your experience in PART 2:

        “My friend called me last night crying. Overwhelmed with emotion. On Sunday (3/6/2016) during her devotional home, sitting on her bed with her Bible, she heard three loud blasts from the shofar. A “first” for her– WORDS CAME OUT OF HER MOUTH OVER WHICH SHE HAD NO CONTROL.(Can’t remember them exactly.) We prayed together on the phone for an interpretation from the Lord and she will keep me posted. Time is short!”

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  5. Stig that was a shocker to me when I first realized the “whos” behind this stuff. Nothing we have known to be true is true except Jesus.

    Please don’t laugh. This was my first vision in the mid- early 90s. My poor kids……….thankfully they were very close to the Lord and understand their mom is off the wall at times, yet they have had many dreams and visions. Praying they get off the fence of listening to side voices of joining a battle etc.

    Ok, picture this: I was born again in 91 but saved all my life. I see that looking back and thank you Jesus!!!! I never had anyone teach me about dreams, visions etc. (I seem to learn everything by the school of hard knocks and have asked Holy Spirit to teach me with easy knocks comparatively) I saw destruction of America first in Jeremiah in the 80s.

    Fell back into old lifestyle and then when born again could not figure out WHY some people around me caused me to back off and bounce off the wall. Discernment? What was that, was it for today? How did it work, what did it mean, and so on. Add to that visions of america being destroyed and I didn’t know to keep my mouth shut till further notice from Holy Spirit. I thought it was then. So my kids and I (they are about early teens) are sitting in an old barn talking. I told them we had to stay very close to Jesus and not allow anyone to fool us on the times, just what the Word says and that destruction was coming soon. (my poor kids, they were listening and not scared but it bothers me that I didn’t know what was going on in the way of timing) I also told them food would be scarce, to love their pets and animals yet never allow them to be an idol to the point you could not put one down if needed and there would come a time the horses would be food. I never set a date but can you imagine looking back over how this learning was the horror I felt telling my kids this??? The Lord put an amazing pastor and friend in my life over the next 20+ years. She taught me how the Lord spoke and to test even what pastors and her said. I give God all the glory! The greatest challenge I had was dealing with the gift of discernment with PTSD. Looking back He amazes me, but for His grace……..and by the way, my kids are fine, not in a mental health unit and just working their way out of the world and denial of what is going on. They know but one does not want to know when.

    As it is, Abba worked it out. My daughter farms and uses her livestock for food, and my son is crazy about his dog as I am ours but knows to do the right thing no matter how hard when the time comes.

    I hear all these amazing men and women of God who somehow just knew the hows, whens and why’s and think, “wow, how did/does God have so much patience with me and all my mistakes and sins.”

    Hope I didn’t share too much. Is this a private forum? ……………..

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    1. WOW, Sonshine!!
      That is absolutely AMAZING. I am so glad you shared!
      Have you written these dreams down?
      It would be great if the Holy Spirit would allow you to share.

      Have you checked out Z3news?

      Also, I really do hope that you join us on Saturday’s Prayer Line with Bette.
      If you have questions about that, contact JC.

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  6. Thats ok your lifestory is appreciated. Not a single person on this earth drawing breath is perfect.

    And your story about your kids is good example of scripture working out.
    And i guess as long as you dont share your bank passwords here you should be ok.
    The people here are spiritfilled and they know how to approach peoples lifestories the right way.

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  7. Kenzel – I pray you are feeling a great release or relief for obedience !!!

    After reading these, I can see why the Holy Spirit was pestering you 🙂

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  8. Sonshine great post – love stories like that – based on the description of your residence, are you sure your not Deb’s next door neighbor ??? Stig-Ove will have no chance to escape your property lines now 🙂

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  9. JC that’s an awesome divine purchase my brother !!!! I think im going to need a crown on one of my molars – feels like a nail gun going off into my jaw … ouch. The procedure will hurt as will the wallet – Yeshua will provide. JC if you see a crown for 18 bucks in the ads lemme know 🙂 On second thought … maybe not. Maybe Deb can fix it with welding equipment.


    1. Michael, carefully consider doing that crown. I say this from experience and not trying to scare you. I’ve done the crown thing with root canal 4 times and all but 1 of them failed. This was done with dentists in different cities I lived in. I ended up having those pulled and now sport an awesome partial. It ended up be cheaper to pull them then it was to deal with all the other stuff. Hey, you can always go get a set of those wax teeth 🙂 We will keep you in prayer over this situation Brother.


      1. Thank you all. Whew! I need to find the dreams and visions again. Kenzel that was a blessing.
        I’ll pray about writing them, they were on my PC that crashed. My timelines are not good
        Michael I totally agree with JC. What he said, ditto!!!! And nerve damage with a constant loud whistle in my ear………personally I believe something was left there and now wish I had just had it pulled. I’ll be praying for you also.

        I invited Deb to come see me in her grandsons little red wagon. Maybe we can get together and worship while she welds or pulls your tooth Michael? Much in common Stig 🙂

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    2. Ah, so you need a CROWN? Not so fast. Be patient. I know you’ll be getting at least one at the Bema Seat Rewards Judgement of Jesus Christ.

      The Bible says there will be a CROWN for all who love His Appearing!

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  10. Now they can upload knowledge directly to the brain. Think with the advent of virtual reality helms and this technology you could program entire population segments especially youths in no time! Its close now so close to the total advent of the beast system.


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    1. Stig-ove,
      Thanks for sharing. I’ll check it out when I get a chance.

      Also, I don’t have a link to support this, but a friend told me today that China and Russia are putting computer technology in their soldiers to make them more “invincible”???

      I think we need to blow the VICTORY SHOFAR over them!!

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      1. Well Einstein was considered a retard until quite late because his thinking was unique.

        Other matters big shootout in Wilkinsbury Pennsylvania is it Patriot related? To make traditional Us patriots and 2 amendment bad?

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  11. Every shooting these past years have to be questioned. Everyone was freaked about Sandy Hook and it was a major stage. Have you seen “We need to talk about Sandy Hook?” It’s very well done. I shared it with someone mocking me over a comment I made about it being staged. It blew them and their doubts out of the water. I hadn’t seen it but watched it with them. God is sooooooooooooo good!!!!!

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    1. Sonshine, I am in agreement with you. I believe most, if not all of these events have been staged for the purpose of “Obumbum” using those as excuses to remove more rights from citizens and attempt to cause panic. I’ve seen many videos that prove a lot of paid actors have been used in many events, just for the purpose of “selling” a story.

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      1. Wow, J.C., that’s something many would just not want to believe, but we need to look at the signs, and then look FORWARD to whatever it is in FRONT of us. Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife.” We can’t LOOK BACK to the way America was or “the good old days.” We have something new in front of us. It is TIME for something different. May we have the eyes to see it and not remain in denial or “normalcy bias.” May we have the anointing of “the sons of Issachar” (Holy Bible) to SEE THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES!!!!

        (And to know that if we have an intimate daily relationship with Yashua Ha Mashiach, WE HAVE EVERYTHING!!!)

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  12. Regarding SHOFAR SOUNDS being heard supernaturally recently:

    This is the man that came to our Fellowship last year and this year.
    I heard him play “Amazing Grace” absolutely BEAUTIFULLY on TWO SHOFARS at once.
    They looked much like the two Shofars in the picture.
    He is from the United States, but travels all over blowing the SHOFAR(S).
    That is his MISSION.

    (P.S. Ah, I can’t take credit for that pun. That’s Robert’s web-site name!)

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        ON THE TOPIC OF SHOFARS, I received this FROM VICKI who posts on THIS BLOG. I’m sure she doesn’t mind my sharing this, as it could be helpful to many!! (Thanks so much, Vicki!)

        I’m forwarding a link to a site that was helpful to me when I had a similar experience. http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Holidays/Fall_Holidays/Elul/Shofar/shofar.html
        If you scroll to the bottom it gives the four primary types of shofar blasts…very helpful.

        My experience was back in December, 2015. The sound of a Shofar woke me in the middle of the night. What a beautiful sound. Some weeks later I had a very vivid dream. The message in the dream was from the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit was in my dream, He said, “the time is near”. Those exact words…the rest of the dream was more of a message, but no words. I was in the dream. I could see myself and my daughter. In the dream I was repeating the message out loud to confirm the rest of the message He gave me. This was after I was told “the time is near” I woke up early that morning and was led to worship and study and journal for most of the day. He had me at works most of the day. What He had me doing was in preparation to spread His word and for when we wont have our computers and maybe even our Bibles.

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  13. OK, EVERYONE. Now I’m sharing another note from Bette Stevens received today.

    It is marvelous ,what I have heard is “I am announcing the coming of the Apostolic Kingdom of God and there is warring and preparation in the heavenlies and below as we prepare for the battle of Armaggedon…..I am announcing My victory…..Live Holy,as I be Holy,repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”
    We normally play the shofar at every service and we have seen deliverance……..also we have heard at times an extra shofar and in a prayer meeting the shofar actually played by itself……..
    And with this also came,”I am armoring up my people.Pay close ATTENTION!!!!!!!!”
    Wonderful testimonies.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this information about the Shofar with us Peggy. I’ve participated in a few Bible Studies with Bette, John & Patrick. They always concluded them in prayer and sounding of the Shofar. Excellent!


      1. I agree, James. I LOVED it when Bette’s husband John played the SHOFAR before her last prayer line.

        (If anyone is interested in Saturday’s Prayer Line with Bette and John—- 3/12/2016, please contact J.C. for more information.)

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  14. OK. One more from DEBRA WALKER (increaseglory)
    We had a few more testimonies, but they were personal, so I won’t share here.
    I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t38UINaExeQ&index=4&list=PLjyyqEzShNQaV7ZzMPU5WNNEUjNp15tH9 as the fourth video of six, which explains the significance of the various sounds produced on a shofar. Each has distinct meaning. A series of 9 staccato bursts means “Attack!”

    A series of 3 breaking, medium blasts, called chevarim, signify the breaking down of what resists the Lord, and the breaking in of God’s power, grace, and purpose. This is at the 1:21-minute mark. There’s lots more.

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  15. OK. This is the note which I received from my dear friend in Tennessee, reporting on her friend’s SHOFAR experience:

    “My friend called me last night crying. Overwhelmed with emotion. On Sunday, 3/6/2016 during her devotional time, sitting on her bed with her Bible, she heard three loud blasts from the shofar. A first for her! Words came out of her mouth over which she had no control. (Can’t remember them exactly.) We prayed together on the phone for an interpretation from the Lord and she will keep me posted. Time is short!”

    “The woman who heard the Shofar has found a Youtube Shofar sound that is exactly like the one she heard Sunday and it was vast. See “Shofar Victory Sounds”. She heard 3 long blasts (they were not identical sounds) (they were like the first three on the “Shofar Victory Sounds Youtube). Seemed like the whole sky was filled with the sound. She was reading the Word after church, sitting on her bed when it happened. Immediately, words came from her mouth, but she did not say them. It was like a voice coming through her. She ran to the window and looked up and the words came,saying, “Is it time, Lord?” She is moved to tears during the days now, very emotional. She is so thankful and just continues to praise Him for allowing her to hear it.
    Interesting note. I met with her today and she said a friend and two of her nephews have also heard the same thing. The friend was alone. The nephews were together. They began to look for the ‘sound maker’ and both saw a man with a very long instrument that matches the description of the Shofar. They were frightened and ran toward the house, looked back and he was gone. All of this happened in the last 4 days in Nashville, TN area.”

    “They were those of whom she was praying for to RECEIVE SALVATION”!!

    (Alleluia, AMEN!)

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    When Trying Times Arrive
    Mar 10, 2016 09:13 am | Glynda Linkous

    When trying times arrive, what will you do, My children? Will you trust Me to get you through when you do not have enough food to eat? If you have no shelter from the chaos? When it seems the entire world has gone mad? When loved ones are taken from his world, will I still be your beloved?

    Be careful there are no conditions on your faith in Me, lest the devil steal it from you, and you lose your crown.

    Proverbs 27:12 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

    Job 1:21 And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

    Ephesians 5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.

    James 1:12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

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  17. WOW, what awesome questions to consider ahead of time!
    I wish all the churches in America would use Glynda’s message as the content of their Sermons THIS COMING SUNDAY.

    The people need to be prepared, not just functioning as usual in the
    “normalcy bias”!!!

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  18. Sad, so many do not see………….our traffic has increased again. Yesterday a truck with a trailer like a small mobile living quarter, Desert Storm colors, today trucks hauling all white vehicles again….


  19. The more I see going with thinking elections will change anything the more grieved I get. It’s like they “see” then go back to posting all this election stuff about who’s doing what etc.

    Times are getting to the point just feels anything, any moment…………

    By the way, I had brought a beautiful crocheted piece mounted on paper home with me from the grandparents house. Just unloaded my car yesterday. I picked it up to look at it and the thing is “charged!!!!” I looked up the name of the person who made it…..Midori…..needless to say I have another BBQ coming up. Amazing the ways the enemy can try to sneak in! A friend of mine and I had the same experience in TX when she was struggling with some issues. We stayed in an older motel, there was dreadlocks under her bed!!! It literally zing shocked up the hands! Jesus won that whole time there.

    He amazes me when I think of how very much He has us in His hands. If the enemy can do that and he’s a loser, just think of the Power we have as Jesus dwells in us and we in Him:)


    1. Amazing Sonshine. I’m glad you are getting the BBQ ready for the things you are finding! So much better than having it end up is someone else’s hands that has no idea what is behind it.


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