I woke up on 3/7/16 remembering distinct images from this dream/vision.

The image below is the view from Highway 76 approaching Branson West from Branson Missouri. Highway 76 ends at Highway 13 in Branson West.


I was driving Northbound on Highway 13 from Kimberling City to Branson West.  This is a 2-lane highway (one for northbound and the other for southbound traffic).  The image below is an actual picture of Highway 13 in Branson West.


I remember I was driving my truck, but I was heading North in the Southbound lane.  I spotted a Missouri State Highway Patrol vehicle parked just up ahead.  


I continued to drive in the wrong lane, but before I approached the M.S.H.P. vehicle, my truck had been moved off of the Highway out of harms way.  It was now parked and just east of the Northbound lane.   Then I woke up.

My interpretation is that sometimes we may become distracted and start heading in the wrong direction.  Those distractions can come from “sulfur dwellers”, other people and even our own thoughts.

The Lord will correct, protect and bring us back onto that narrow and straight road — all we have to do is call upon him.

Psalm 17:7-9

Manifest your faithful love in amazing ways because you are the one
who saves those who take refuge in you, saving them from their attackers
by your strong hand.
8 Watch me with the very pupil of your eye! Hide me in the protection of your wings,
9 away from the wicked who are out to get me, away from my deadly enemies
who are all around me!

Matthew 7:13-14

Go in through the narrow gate. The gate that leads to destruction is broad and the road wide, so many people enter through it. 14 But the gate that leads to life is narrow and the road difficult, so few people find it.

**Note**  Any time I include a video from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, it’s because I enjoy their vocals and instruments.  I do not support the beliefs of the Mormon Church, so we need to keep them in prayer. ***



30 thoughts on “Dream/Vision From 3-7-2016

  1. Very true we can so easily take the wrong turn.
    But the hard part is to recognize when and how?
    Thats where the importance of reading the Word comes in. If it is in the back of our head all the time it warns us when the wrong exit approaches.

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  2. That simple dream has a lot of meaning to it! I’m sorry guys I haven’t been online for a few weeks. I have had so much homework and a lot of projects due on the same day 😭
    Thanks for sharing James

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  3. I didn’t read the article above yet, but I did listen to “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” I remember that was one of my favorite songs when I was 14 years old! I used to like playing that on the piano at that time. It is from the old musical “Carousel,” but one can place in the song a spiritual significance.
    (“Lo, I will never leave you or forsake you.”)

    Also, although I have no affiliation with the Mormons, I did visit the Mormon Tabernacle one time to hear their choir rehearse, and saw that beautiful pipe organ. They perform really well, musically.

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    1. Kenzel,
      I clicked your link above to find your latest post of your vision.
      That was very interesting!
      I would be interested if you get any more revelation on the symbolism of the lady on the hospital bed.
      I am also looking forward to reading your other dreams and visions which you feel that the Lord is strongly urging you to share “for such a time as this.”

      Thanks so much for being obedient, Kenzel!!



  4. Sharing a testimony here. The other day when I was having a Skype session with my sister Linda, I had mentioned that my back would often hurt when I sat in my very uncomfortable desk chair at my computer. Both Linda & myself prayed over this situation. I was not able to afford a new one and had no luck finding anything at a Thrift Store. When I got up yesterday, I went to craigslist and found a new ad from a woman in Springfield that was selling a desk chair for $18.00 — WOW! I met her in Springfield and was very delighted. I brought the chair home and it’s now in use. I have no back discomfort from this chair. It looks brand new and has a lot of support in it plus many adjustments can be made to it. She was selling this since an elderly friend had passed away 2 months prior and it was among many items they needed to get rid of. Thank You Jesus for this gift and for the timing. 🙂


    1. Thats great

      Me and My wife have had similar breaks When IT comes to childrens clothing. My wife went once to a second hand shop here in our hometown and we found a batch of childrens clothes diet cheap for our kids that last for years ahead for a fraction what IT costs New.

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  5. Here’s an email from Deb. Please remember to keep everything we share in check with the Holy Spirit. It’s important that we keep our focus on the Lord. We need to pray for all to come to salvation and remember that Judgments are already sealed. We need to be prepared for what is about to unfold and not get into a false sense of peace.

    Everyone, please remember to keep our loving sister Deb in prayer for complete healing.

    I just saw this on Lana Vawser’s Blog, I am only sharing part but if you want to read her whole post here is the link. I am highlighting the parts that really speak to me and am asking you stand with me on these. My comments are after her post.
    In the process of the Lord sharing this word with me I had a dream and in my dream I saw Deborah’s rising up all across the United States.

    “Wake up, Deborah, wake up! Wake up, wake up, and sing a song!” (Judges 5:12)

    The Lord is awakening the Deborah’s. He is awakening them with the fire of His love again and calling them out of hiding and to “take their place”. As Deborah in Scripture did, the Lord is raising up the female prophets to release encouraging war chants and victory songs over the United States of America. Where many Deborah’s have felt hidden, the Lord is bringing them out onto the frontline with a message of hope and victory flowing from His heart that will awaken many.
    Many other Deborah’s have been wounded and become weary, and the Lord is awakening and restoring them, and bringing restoration and healing so they can take their place and sing again.
    As these female prophets, these Deborah’s arise, they will arise with the strategic war chants from the heart of God, inviting the people of God into partnering with what the Lord is saying to see victory songs begin to manifest across the nation
    I then saw angelic hosts being commissioned by the Lord into the earth and they were blowing shofars, a clarion call to greater levels of worship. There was an invitation being released across the nation into deeper levels of worship that was great warfare and the people of God began to suddenly rise up in worship all across the nation with a ROAR.
    I saw the Lion of Judah roaring His love through His people as they worshipped. They were releasing the sound and vibrations of His heart across the nation, warring for heavenly alignments to manifest. More and more and more prophetic songs were being birthed through the people of God that was changing and shifting atmospheres in the nation. Hard ground was being shaken to its core and the cracks of breakthrough were beginning to appear and life was being released into the heart of the nation again.
    In this place of worship, the Lord was birthing declarations over the nation, declarations of life and love into the heart, that was bringing forth ‘signs of life’ across the nation, even where darkness surrounded.
    ****************************************************************************end of blog post********************************************************************************************************************************
    Arise Deborah – these are the exact words the Lord spoke to me 7 months ago when He called me back into warfare and intercessory prayer. It was also the same phrase the Lord gave me years ago when He told me of the call on my life.
    If you read the notes and comments I posted about the frequencies of Heaven, you will see why I am beyond excited right now. I am shaking so hard I can hardly type this, God’s people are coming together and their frequencies are resonating into entrainment. This is going to affect inanimate objects, those mountains are going to move! I Hear the Sound of the Army of the Lord! They will NOT break cadence even going over bridges NOTHING can stop them. They will be removing all sorts of stumbling blocks, hurdles, snares and send forth the Fear of the Lord to prepare the way.
    Please see above the paragraph about the Lion of Judah roaring releasing the sound and vibrations of His heart, warring for heavenly alignments to manifest.
    Many times when I start praying in the spirit now it turns into a spiritual song. I have no idea what I am singing but this confirmed to me that this song is going out on the vibration of creation and coming into entrainment with others singing these war chants and victory songs! I am so excited, 1 more piece of the puzzle falls in place! For those of you who don’t know I was a musician before I became ill. I have not been able to play in the natural but have started playing songs to the Bridegroom in my spirit.
    Even if Yahweh chose not to heal me, I would still be the happiest person in the world right now, I got to see the vision of God’s Army marching forth. No I don’t think this is for Armageddon, I think this is moving into our callings for such a time as this. God is doing in the Spirit what will soon happen in the natural. Many have been called out and very soon will be on the move. Let us prepare the way for them as in:
    II Chronicles 20:21 – KJV – And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the LORD, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the LORD; for his mercy endureth for ever.


    1. Wow, I really do feel so much HOPE for the mighty miracles and exploits that will be done with God’s POWER through those that are fully surrendered to HIS WILL, the REMNANT. In fact I heard of some magnificent individual prophecies along just these lines, just yesterday. They actually involve 2 people that frequent this blog. I am not at liberty to divulge more at this time, however. The two know who they are. They have heard the prophecies. (I am NOT one of the 2).

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    2. It’s so weird that you mention the frequencies again. God told me yesterday not to concern myself about it, just to focus on him.

      Just b4 reading your comment he specifically directed me to 1 Corinthians 14, before I meditate on 1Cor 12.

      I was floored.

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    3. Well none of the highlighting or colors came through so it is very hard the way I wrote this to see what is from Lana Vawser and what are my comments. Please know I am in no way trying to add or take away from the word she received from the Lord. I shared a few sections of her post to show confirmations to what I was seeing in the spirit. Not sure how to fix this. JC?


      1. Sorry Deb, I don’t have any way that I know of to modify colors or hi-light from comments. I just now put those in edit mode and the most I can do is Boldface or Underline — it will still be hard to determine which sections you are referring to and who made the comments. My suggestion would be to offer a copy of your notes to anyone that wants to see them? I thought about printing your notes into a PDF and that would retain your formatting, but I don’t know how to upload documents to wordpress. Last time I tried to upload anything besides a picture, it was making me point to a website.

        I have a lot of formatting tools that I can use on the blog post itself, they just aren’t available in comments.


  6. I wanted to upload the PDF documents for Bette called “Beyond The Veil” as they too have specific formatting and colors. WordPress didn’t cooperate with me on that part. I simply had to email them to many people.


    1. ok, well thanks for trying. I am going to rewrite it with the blog post at the top and all my comments at the bottom. If you want to delete the current one that would be great. Do you want me to e-mail or just post the new one?


      1. Deb,
        I edited the original post — and copied over your new email to me. Picture and colors still don’t come over. See above original comment for changes.


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