The Adventurous Life Of The Believer

This blog posting was created for Stig-Ove, a brother in Christ.  It’s a place to keep his fictional stories in one spot and for fellowship.  I took some liberties with the pictures 🙂  



Part 1

Fbi agent Tannhauser stood in the blistering hot sunset outside an Arizonan residence where an notorious accomplice of known christian radical B2 lived.

The bureau had been specific this man was a known participant in an radical webgroup in which several people where under investigation. The Cia had been despatched to Finland to check out some radical that was codenamed Suburban man 22, he thought what kind of hicks could be in Finland that garnered spook interest?

Well he thought time to enter suspects premises warrant had been issued by democrat judge Sinnfeld who was known for his tough line on religious radicals.

Well off we go.

Tok tok he knocked on the door and looked at the surrounding neighbourhood typical suburbia he thought i’ll have this guy in no time.

The door opened and a handsome man in his 50s opened and he looked at him. Hmm thinking to himself doesnt look like a typical militia man maybe this will be easy.

The man said have a blessed day and welcome in we are just commencing a bible study with some friends.

He entered in and looked around feeling a little hot and queasy inside this heat he thought.
Inside the room he saw 4 persons an guy in 50s looking like Clint Eastwood with a Branson cowboys shirt.
Secondly an elderly lady with sophisticated aristocratic look even who greeted him with a nod and smile as Peg og Prnnsylvania.

Next was an plainly dressed woman elderly who was talking in Montanan drawl to an slightly overweight man whom Tannhauser immediately recognized as the spooks Finnish target.

He thought to himself id better call backup im way over myh head on this but i’ll remain calm his professional instinct taking over.

Then the man who looked like Eastwood said Welcome and sit down our topic for tonight is prophecy and the antichrist Obama, om Jc.

Tannhauser swallowed what have i gotten myself into? Quantico never readied me for this! But in his inner self he was drawn strangely to the topic, he remembered his german geandmother talking about Hitler the same way. and then Jc and the host sat down in the Arizonan late evening and in the background he heard Rawhide playing…….

End of part 1

Part 2 of this legendary fiction of the B2 squad. Only available at Jc southwest.

Tannhauser sat down on the sofa his tailor made suit making him feel sweaty in the hot Arizona evening. He also felt slightly overwhelmed looking at these 4 people ahead of him, they surely didnt look like any terrorists he had seen during his career.

The man who opened the door and host called Mike said let us pray for guidance over our bible study project tonight.

Tannhauser thought i will not reveal im an fed agent yet. They might give me leads on B2 whereabout! He smiled to himself….
The elder montanan lady spoke after the prayer and said; Son you packing hardware under that jacket? Ye need none here we fight with the sword of the Lord she said and lifted her well thumbed bible. The spooktarget Suburbanman 22 eyed him suspiciously….maybe he knows thought Tannhauser but i will play along yet.

Mike opened the study and looked over all present. We live in dire times and ever since in my youth before i got saved to Jesus Christ i havent felt this ready to spring to action.
When i was young me and some buddies trucked moonshine and gatorhides from Florida to Mississippi when one night we saw an sight that would ever change my life!

The aristocratic looking lady from Psylvania jumped in and said no worries brother Mike our sins are forgiven in Christ Jesus.

Mike continued it was an dark night close to the Eveeglades where Bubba just offloaded the moonshine to our truck we saw a light over the swamp.

Bubba spit his tobacco and said hey fellas look at that we might have us one of em Ifos i think they call em he chuckled the redneck way.

No its Ufo i said(Mike) and i stretched my eye it was getting closer every second.

Hmm fellas im going said Bubba cya later gators, and he started his boat and left. But we noticed he looked mighty scared leaving.

I suddenly remembered my old college classmate Christine who grew up in Roswell, new mexico who told me horror stories of her sisters abduction in the Rockies in the early 90s and i said to the boys stop yapping were leaving NOW!

As i hit the pedal to the metal in my Ford truck i was sweating the light was coming closer and i felt terrified like i never was before as the darkness of tje Everglades surrounded us.

End of part 2

Part 3 of the B2 squads adventures.

Mike paused in his recollection of the Eveeglades incident and looked at Tannhauser with an intense scrutinizing look.
You are our guest here tonight yet i know by the Holy Spirit you are not here in vain!

The lady from Psylvania entered the phrase also; young man your soul is troubled i can see an intelligent young man who has not maken the most important descision of his life yet.

Tannhauser wetted his lips and Mike offered him an lemonade, he nodded in thanks.

Argo Tannhauser is my name and to be frank im here tonight to check you out. I heard about your group and you interest me greatly.

In what way young man said the Montanan lady who also introduced herself as Debbie!

I heard you run an webgroup with interesting information and i was intrigued by it.

Tannhauser smiled to himself maybe i got them B2 and promotion calls.

Deb said i can feel the spirit of falsehood on you young man it is something i can feel instantly.
You are here because you are looking for someone am i not right?

Well yes mam im looking for a lady with the initials B2, i read her blog and would want to meet her.

Suddenly the European said something for the first time, Jc there in the sleeve pocket of your gorgeous Branson shirt is an picture of what Mike saw in his story from the Everglades, let him finish it for our yet unsaved brother!

When this evening is over and Mikes tale is told you mr Tannhauser will not see the world as you used too.

Why dont you Mike continue pray Peg for Argos protection and that his mind and heart would not be closed by demonic forces he is still as yet totally worldbound by the prince of the power of the air.

Suddenly after the prayer of Peg and Deb with Jc and Mike reciting scripture he felt like he was in an bubble of peace. What happened he thought to himself and he felt awed by the perception of the people around him that he now saw!

But as Mike began he sipped his lemonade and thought to himself i might kick myself for doing this but i will follow through. These people remind me of my devout german grandmother who said to me that before you turn 40 Argo the Lord will cleanse you! My brothers deeds in the war will not shadow your future, thus i have gained insight by prayer.

His grandmothers brother had been an SS major working at the Skodaworks in Chzeckoslovakia during the war for a general named Kammler Hans.

That name still raised cold creeps through his spine.

But Mike began his story in the darkness of the Everglades…..

End of part 3

Part 4 of the exciting adventures of the B2 squad here and now.

Mike pressed the pedal and driving as as fast as he dared with his precious moonshine cargo along the treacherous swamp roads of the Everglades. The light had disappeared behind the thick overgrowth of the swamp and Mikes buddy Marvin said we lost it huh huh.

They continued along the road until suddenly they saw an clearing ahead where Mike knew IF they make IT there its just a few Miles to the mainroad!

But suddenly his trusty truck just died everything Went black all Gauges and meters dropping to zero.

What now thought Mike this truck just 450000 Miles on it Almost new he Even changed oils last week.
Mikes buddy Marvin took his trusty remington shotgun out from under the bench and said whats up boss? This Aint right!

Mikes car stopped after the momentum was gone and he grabbed for his flashlight and noticed IT was dead too no light.

He squinted up above the clearing and remembered his mothers painting by an author named Vicki Devine which was named divine light in the dark. The sky looked just like that now except…..the moon was coming towards them!

Marvin screamed suddenly and Held his head and shouted they are here THEY ARE IN MY HEAD! Help me Mike he dropped his shotgun and fell down on the road his eyewhites Rolling back and talking something that sounded like mad gibberish.

Mike looked at his friend and was about to help him When he was bathed in an sudden bright light from above, he froze and started to talk to himself and calling out to his Mommy and daddy and all he could remember. But he could not makehimself move IT was like something held him in an iron grip.

He could but helplessly stare as the light proceeded to land on the road ahead, he could see the form of an circular object that looked like in the center what was wheel in middle of a wheel.
Marvin writhed on the ground beside him in what looked like horror unspoken. And then When he turned back an circular object bathed in light had landed on the road and still he couldnt move Even IF every Fiber in his body Said Run anywhere anywhere!

What then transpired as he listened to Marvins gibberish on the side of him that sounded like Apollyon Apollyon cometh save Us, save us…..and then he continued in gibberish.
Then something opened on the object and 3 shapes exited out of the craft. Mike squinted against the light into what looked like humanoid shapes walking towards him, immensely huge. One was pushing 9 feet broad like a Texas barndoor, the second was more human with a well proportioned body and the third was thin like a Montanan woodsman after winter with an bulbous head like nothing he saw before!

The reek of sulphur and rotten eggs floated towards him as they approached his friend Marvin had apparently passed out. Then he suddenly felt an dark consciousness vast and evil beyond anything he could describe talk to him inside his head.

Little human little unrealised image of him that cannot be named. You have been given an honor to be the messenger of him that is to come the noble one of the coming race!
We have selected you because you are undefiled by the Word(the pronounciation of the Word ended in a hissing sound).

We are to Usher in a New age where all humanity is as one and the noble one rules as lord of lords and no one can challenge him.
Serve Us and you will reap the bounties of an whirlwind of sensation and pleasure, and you will one day be as a god. He heard an vast echo like a laughter in his head and even with a promise like this Mike felt something was wrong.
His mind and body felt tainted and the speakers minds touch felt like a cesspool of filth in his mind like a pool of waste Oil.

I am Azazel the bringer and teacher of delight, My master the protector of mankind known by many names and he has chosen you to be his messenger.
I was released to do what i always done no one can deny me. Even since the days of Thoth(Enoch) i have existed so what do you say little image will you accept my tutorship and the pleasures they will bring??

Mikes consciousness was almost overwhelmed by all this When he remembered or something touched his spirit from the artwork of Vicki Devine….the central message of IT Jesus Christ…….

End of part 4

Part 5 the going gets tough for Mike but he calls tougher!

The mind of Mike felt violated like 100s of burning needles stinging his brain. He saw images of glories and conquests through history that defied imagination.
YES said that booming voice in his head, bow to me and all this and more will be yours, it takes but one little word yes….SAY it to me LET me in and you will be something greater than almost any man of power in history!

Mikes mind and soul was almost spent in this onslaught of dark power when the image of an white dove entered his mind; it said my son call on me and you will be saved, perish not with the world. Conquering it you will loose your soul.
Mike remembered the artwork of Vicky Devine but could only remember the name of the conquering king; JESUS CHRIST!

He staggered for a while and he noticed his nose was bleeding profusely, too much. The sense of violation multiplied he felt images of serpents and dragons stinging and enveloping him in fire. Eternity passed in those few seconds when he was almost spent spitting blood on the ground he whispered Jesus Christ help me. SAVE ME he yelled with his last strenght.

Suddenly there was like a rush of wind and he felt the pressure on his mind leave and a soothing voice in his head like a pleasant relaxing serenade. MY SON YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED….WASTE NOT YOUR LIFE ON TRIVIALITIES BUT BECOME A FISHER OF MEN! You have been given time to reveal what the enemy has shown you, do it or not your father in heaven awaits you once you cross the timeline of your APPOINTED DAY. Be at peace now.

Mike felt relaxed now but he heard an booming commanding dark voice who shouted; YOU FOOL YOU HAVE DOOMED YOURSELF BY ACCEPTING REFUGE FROM THE NAZARENE!

At these words he heard an machine humming and the light diminished and slowly fading away, he saw Marvin moving also and he looked fine now!

What had been left in Mikes mind after the encounter was a biblical passage and the image of an man burned into his memory like an brand of marking for horses.

Time was running out the DARK MAN was coming and he would destroy mightily! The soothing voice had left one thing on Mikes mind you are to call men and women out of the world by my HOLY WORD THE BIBLE! Time is running out the FULNESS OF THE GENTILES IS ALL BUT HERE……

So ends part 5

Part 6 coming your way like Amtraks 1 mile train!

Tannhauser swallowed When the last words of Mike left his lips, The times of the gentiles are coming to an end.
That was the last sermon he heard as an young man in his last church service he participated in almost 20 years ago. His grandmother had Said to him Argo ze time is short remember zis matter as you Go to ze school to become ze agent of ze government.
Her german accent was thick but she had always spoken only when she saw IT necessary, he respected the old lady and IT remained in his memory.

JC the guy he labeled Eastwood said with his voice attuned with an conviction and gravitas that would have altered courses of planets.

We who are gathered here tonight have seen and read what the world is coming too! IT is not a matter of when but how it will happen. The pieces are in place and the board has been set since the garden of Eden. The manuscript of history begins in Genesis and ends in revelation. That is the frame, all else is just sideshow.

The picture that i hold was given to us by an pair of people WHO Roam the interweb by the names of Kenzel and Sonnshine. They have information that makes many an University pale.
We have known that you would come mr Tannhauser your Face was shown in a dream to Deb here some months ago and we were prompted to meet here in Mikes place because she saw that you Argo would be a critically important man in the times to come When the persecution commences.

Yes persecution mr Tannhauser IT will come and IT will sweep the land like nothing you imagined,IT will be global the European stepped in! All those knowing the reality of Christ will be tested and a few will find refuge and the Holy Spirit has told me that an person like you will save thousands because he knows your ancestry and your kin and that within your family is generations of obedience to the spreading of the gospel!

IT is not by mistake that you are of german ancestry mr Tannhauser because within the Very bureau you work for are groups of devilish power and affiliation that are your kinsmen in blood.
So now soon you will be shown incontroversial evidence that the government you serve will and is your enemy, remember you swore an oath to defend against enemies foreign and Domestic!

The European continued we gathered here have been given the final push out of our complacency and comfort zone by the work of our sister you named B2 to spread to all listening and hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ because the time is short and we in our heart are ready to give our time and Energy Even our life if the Lord so deems to save people out of eternal death and misery to eternal life and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So now My brother JC and Peg here will lead you through the basic gospels and biblical proof of the dark man WHO will lead everybody not saved into eternal damnation!
Be not sullen mr Tannhauser Said Mike our Lord has overcome the world and nothing the enemy does can overcome that, just dont let him take you along to Hell with him! Mike comradely put his hand on Argos shoulder, listen to JC And Peg before you will see the evidence before your Very eyes, take My bible and follow along. Today is a day When you brother Argo will be born again, for eternity!

Tannhauser was silent this was overwhelming his training and conditioning as an agent was powerless against this and the prayers earlier had unlocked something inside him he hadnt felt since Young When his grandparents prayed for him!

Deb,Peg and JC and the European beheld him with looks that he now knew were strenghtened by something more he knew IT was not merely Faith IT was the Holy Spirit that stone through their eyes.

He bowed his head and prayed with conviction the first time in 20 years as Peg and JC commenced Reading from scripture. He felt protected he felt New he felt no more empty inside, and he heard the voice of such loving warmth inside him as he prayed; Argo welcome back your life has Began anew, strenghten yourself and gird your loins with truth shared freely because you are about to thread in dens of snakes and scorpions you formerly called friends.

Part 6 reached Branson main station, reading commenced 😄

Part 7 of the B2 squads adventure.

Argo left the house of Mike into which he had gone with the full intention of taking care of federal business and find out the dwelling place of the mysterious character of B2.

What he had gotten was a gift of spiritual revival he had never thought possible. His spirit was a song of praise and his soul like a crystal clear mountain river flowing into an lake of the bluest clarity filled with all possible life. This had been done by a group who the government called radicals! He thought to himself, thank Jesus i was led here! Now remains to clarify this matter on official level.

As he walked out to his car he turned back and saw Mike in the window smiling and waving to him, he carried under his arm a gift he had been given a Holman bible with notes made by B2 herself.

Suddenly his phone rang and he answered without looking agent Tannhauser speaking. On the other end was a female voice introducing herself as Christine Fides; evening agent Tannhauser i was contacted by our mutual european friend who said you are a reborn man, congratulations are in order you have taken the step to eternity in Jesus Christ.
Thank you said Argo my name is Argo please mam call me that.

Will do Argo, the bible you were given with the personal annotations holds within them the key you are looking for, the whereabouts of B2 and secondly also what you need to navigate yourself in your newfound faith within the nest of vipers you will be working in now! You have taken the step into an ancient war since time immemorial, your survival will be dependent on A) prayer B) knowledge of the bible C) above these faith in the word.

Do this and you will make it! Read tonight the annotations in Genesis 6 and in revelation B2 marked Obama and you know what you are fighting against, but be not content with merely that! Expand your studies and pray every time before to cleanse your self.

Before we finish our telephone call know the enemy is already on the move i know because i see already that the Argent brotherhood is on its way to confront you mr Tannhauser, they are an secret phalanx within the bureau that worships the fallen angel Azazel that name you already heard.
Pray before leaving to your office because they are coming, our European friend said that he felt the moment you accepted the Lord Jesus they sent their mightiest. In the bible you got is also an audio and photo set which will clarify things for you, listen to the file named Daniel it will help you in this initial contact.
Fides out i will call you later and remember if anyone identifying as Christina calls ask who is Lord and no other answer than Jesus Christ will DO! Amen brother til next time.

Click beep beep it said and he thought for a while and prayed and then opening the bible and he found the audiofile named Daniel and plugged it to his cars player and listened while heading towards his office, and what he heard on his way to office narrated by a female voice that so eloquently spoke the message of spiritual warfare to him that by the arrival to office he was filled by a spirit of such potency of biblical nature that before his eyes he saw tongues of fire mentioned in the book of acts, as had been mentioned in the narration.

By the time he arrived at the office he was met already in the checkin by 2 agents he recognized from the section which specialized in religious and occult crimes.

Caputo and Solgrind what gives me the honor he said? Our office was noticed on your investigation into the B2 case Caputo said and shook his hand, we got a call from DC about 30 min ago and DC FBI district manager Valdor Karutov had receieved an phonecall that this B2 case is now top priority!

We were dispatched immediately here to tell you that they wanted us as backup for your investigation, they said that B2 has been linked by captured net communiqes to be planning something seriously damaging to POTUS! Yes Obamba himself, they say she has something dangerous that she has found that can damage the presidents name and image in the eyes of the public and she must be stopped at all costs.
Thats why we are here agent Tannhauser!

Tannhauser sensed suddenly emanating from Solgrind an probing sense to his mind but he remembered praying before entering the building and suddenly he saw Solgrind go pale and slightly sweaty and he recoiled slightly from him.

Whats up agent Solgrind?

Nothing i just felt a little sting of migraine its over now, thanks for asking.

But he saw then by what grace he didnt know the eyes of Solgrind were momentarily pitch black as he recoiled and he thought he saw slightly sharp bone growhts inhis forehead also!

So he thought this is what Fides warned me about the Brotherhood is here, what have i stepped into? Jesus Christ help me and protect me!

Come said Caputo and Solgrind they await your report by mouth in DC and i heard the Secret Service has some questions too, Caputo smiled devilishly as he patted Tannhauser on the shoulder; And ah yes before i forget tomorrow you will be flying government Learjet to DC the bigshots want to meet you at the House.

Your in for it man somebody wants what you know big time….

Part 7 ends here

Part 8 of B2 adventures Capitol inferno!

Tannhauser sat in the morning at 7:30 am into a comfy streamlined government Learjet.

He had a sense for prayer all night and when he after a few hours sleep woke up feelin full of life an word came to his mind spoken like thunder!


Caputo and Solgrind were waiting for him and Caputo said smiling: you fly first class to oblivion pal and the smile afterward was not as hearty as before.
Valdor is waiting for you with some assistants, they want a full debrief on this B2 lady.
We will not be joining you but inside the plane is a folder they wanted you to read on the way.
So cya maybe later …….or not he thought he heard under the breath, have a nice trip.

When he was about to enter watching the other agents leaving he heard his phone beep for sms.

He opened and read: Sonnshine here goodmorning. We have discovered by scanning the news in Dc area that Obamba will hold a speech at the Lincoln memorial today so we guessed me Kenzel and Suburnanman 22 that you will attend your meeting there, Karutov has left his office and coordinated security with the Service there.
So heads up you might meet top brass there and only a gandful wilk be sympathetic too you, they know the Spirit that lives in you is greater than in them. Pray earnestly on your way, Sonn out!

Some hours later the plane landed in Dc and he saw an black limo waiting for him at the federal hangar.

Agent Tannhauser an female driver said: Im mr Karutovs office assistant Miss Fides we talked on the phone the other day. The Lord has sent me your way so that you might know he doesnt leave his children alone!

I will be escorting you to the Lincoln memorial and there mr Karutov will hear your report.
Along with him will be some Secret service men who will be there to take notes.
Remember this if you will be faced with something of too great a power for you plead protection of the Blood of Jesus upon yourself and never let that name of the Lord be too far from your thoughts. That is all i can give and a cell of believers have prayed for you all night here so you are guarded.
Now read your material they given you, i will drive you to your meeting.

Arriving at the Lincoln memorial he saw plenty of vehicles already in parking and he also caught a glimpse of what was he thought the Monster Potus personal limo!

Fides said you are here go inside and present your id and you will be lead to mr Karutovs seat. Remember this is hostile territory Jesus is what keeps you alive here, Godspeed agent Tannhauser.

As he presented his id to the service they took him in and leed him to a seat where an white haired man with steel hard looks in his early 60s sat and beside him 2 black suit gentlemen in shades.
Ah welcome agent you are just in time the President will announce a huge news today! The freedom of humanity is dawning and you will hear it live here. But let us briefly discuss the B2 case before he starts his speech.

I will cut directly to the core of it agent: The President has told me that somehow this B2 lady has become privy to facts he does not yet want to disclose to the public.

He has plans to gain position for something and you will no be privy to classified intel! Your ears only, gents here know already so no problems here.
The President will soon propose an lawchange that will subordinate certain elements of Us military and law enforcment to Un control and by this he will prepare for the Us transition to become the superpower of the 2000s his plan is for a 1000 year power of the Us as absolute superpower.

Then suddenly his tone changed, we know who you are agent and we know you have grasped the futile lifeline the Nazarene has thrown you!
Tannhauser wasnt shocked at this revelation it was as Miss Fides had said about enemies all around!

We worship power like the kings of old nothing new but the fact our power is now unbreakable, the Prince of the power of the air has promised it. Even now they flitter around us so beautiful he said his eyes taking a black hue.

We want you to meet B2 and you will arrange with her an deal, sje and her family will live if and only if she postpones her online sermon she is preparing for next week and if she after that keeps silent.

You mr Tannhauser will deliver this message and you will keep your position and salary. Otherwise we will prepare a special fate for you that your patron B2 calls instant weight loss. We understand each other yes? Good the President is arriving lets listen shall we as good colleagues.

The President outlined an plan for special forces like the Seals and Green berets and of such prowess within law enforcment to be incorporated with Un observers and officers to fight global terrorism and religious extremism calling for an age of tolerance and abject denial of any religious absolute truth.
Later the same evening the Pope lauded the policy change and thanked the President for his bravery and initiative.

At the same time in Montana and Iowa gunsales and prepfoodsales skyrocketed by 500%

Tannhauser left the memorial and wondered how will this proceed?

Hope im keeping story still freely comment!

Part 8 ends here

Part 9 of fan favourite adventures of B2 squad

After Tannhauser left the memorial things happened in the heavenlies he only could feel later when his newfound Faith would be sorely tested as he was to deliver the message.

20 Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will entice him. And the Lord said unto him, Wherewith?

21 And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: go out, and do even so.

Without him knowing the Lord was about to test his heart if the Faith would hold or not. The thing was though the Lord never put anyone through anything they cannot take he only measures their Faith and Love in him.
But Argo had put into his heart the cornerstone of faith and his battle against flesh and religiosity was to be great indeed. Vulnerability as a young believer forced him to delve into the bible he had been given to find defense and answers and the location of B2. He prayed he would find wisdom and answers in time!

Up in Canada Linda known as B2 just finished prayer When her skype phone called and she saw IT was Jason her british brother in Faith on the other end of the line.
Good afternoon sis he said our battle for souls grow more intense by the week here in Britain they closed down the area around Piccadilly circus because of clashes between moslems and Christian preachers. The authorities blaim the Christians for intolerantly carrying crosses close to an moslem shop district close by, we prayed intensly and bloodshed was avoided but Islam is showing its ugly Face more and more.

Blessings to you bro in Jesus name, we fight the good fight! I am forwarding the material to you tonight so that you can distribute IT freely in the UK and Europe with your colleague from Finland. Thank you sis this material will wake people or make them Even more blind, because this truth will either wake you or the enemy has blinded you totally, awaiting your mail Said Jason and hung on!

B2 sensed that an answer to her dilemma of distribution in the mainland Us would have to come soon before the powers that be could censor truth too much. But she had Faith her blog material was compiled and ready to distribute at the click of a button all in one place. She continued praying and in her mind played a word Landstuhl Germany!

Tannhauser had with his professional training managed to ascertain the location of B2 in the bible he had been given and he knew he had to travel north to the Canadian border and arrange a meeting.
So he booked a flight and landed in Buffalo and rented a Car to drive to the meeting that he had arranged through webchats earlier the last day.

Then after a few Hours drive he entered. An small town driving into a parking LOT of a small restaurant called the Chili bomb where he met an middleaged man at the entrance WHO was wearing military camo clothes which he knew was called DK. DK was in excellent physical shape for his age and he eyed Argo warily with an glance that told Tannhauser this man is a pro, been around before.
After looking he said mr Tannhauser welcome i trust your Trip Went well, Linda is inside waiting. She is having an double chili bomb burger with diet coke, Care for some?

No thank you said Tannhauser im here to deliver a message to her, she is in great danger from some Very nasty people! We know Said DK she has lived on the edge now for years but we have been protected thus far, lets Go meet her.

Linda gulped the last of the chiliburger When they came in and for a time her face was as red as her hair, but she soon came over it.
Welcome mr Tannhauser we chatted the other day and i understand i am in danger but more so is the souls of the world im expendable IF i can Even save a fraction of them.
You are Very noble said Argo, she is Said DK i know she is My wife. Though her chilihabit can make Even an soldier like me cringe sometimes 😄.

I will stop you here Argo My resolve to release this material is too great and the world needs to know. Obama is about to release a scourge upon this world greater than the combined plagues of the middle ages that will doom at least 80% of the worlds population to death. I may not be able to stop this but i can save as many as the Lord wills from an eternity in hell.
That makes me turn down any form of conciliatory offer the servants of Satan offers to me, all of IT is poison Even IF IT tastes good in the mouth.

The Holy spirit has put on My mind that a german will save and bring the necessary means to distribute My material i have been led too by the Lord.

Im of German ancestry Said Tannhauser! I know i sensed something on you When you contacted me and JC and the others have briefed me about you.
My duty to the Lord as he has saved me tells me that i need to help you do this no matter the cost!
We are in agreement then and we could devise plans to do it together, i have a plan already Said Tannhauser! Through the federal emergency channels i could send your material to different key destinations around the world, we just need to download IT to the central server and IT will be mailed to recipients all around the world.

Wovie Zovie Zomba Said DK that could work, Linda raised her eyebrow and eyed her husband, everything ok hon? Fine Said DK just releasing some steam of joy.
We are settled then Argo will download IT to the computer and send IT worldwide to right recipients and Us others will pray for your success! Care to have an ultra chili bomb burger this discussion has raised My appetite again Said Linda.

In the spirit realm the lying spirit was roaming around IT sought an fit vessel to extend itself into because IT felt that lying and to bring a lie to people were what called IT. When IT received its mission and now closing in on its target in the place called White House a message a Word IT had played in its head; those WHO would not believe the truth will perish by lies. And as IT saw the vessel its master had singled out for IT knew that this lie would perish a great deal of souls before their time was out and the Son of Man returned.

IT made an demonic howl and entered its target WHO sat at the computer and thought as IT took control of its vessel, peoples swept clean and not receiving the saviour Ar the best temples for the Beast……..

Part 9 concluded

Part 10 to the epic thriller that has wiped forests clean like a tornado from Debville Montana to Miketown Arizona.

The man sitting at the desk in the White House stiffened, he felt like someone drove a train into his mind.
He gasped and leaned forward and the words Babalon rising came unwillingly out of his mouth and suddenly without any warning he saw a picture of something that looked like an ugly huge toad spewing obscenities through his tongue!
Your master in the Oval Office is awaiting you General go now and pay homage to the incarnation of the beast GO!!!

Tannhauser landed in Dc after they had been fasting and praying for days with B2 and DK. He felt so spiritually charged that he thought that he could command the mountains to move. But a warning voice said Do not tempt the Lord my son your time comes when he will give his angels charge to do his bidding.

They had spent the final evening munching on Lindas Jalapeno naga jolokia red rage burger she cooked for special occasions. Tannhauser still felt the burn in his stomach!

As he landed in Dc he took a taxi to Fbi Hq in Dc and during the trip he read about Jesus diciples and what weaponry they had been given. Faith and the Spirit and the Word that was it and that what was he needed.

Entering the Hq of Fbi he saw that some Cadillac Escalades where parked outside with what he recognized was Secret Service cars based on the plates.
Protect me Lord Jesus as i do thy will send all serpents and scorpions scurrying for cover! I wish to follow thy word and will Amen

He entered the entrance hall and saw the agent at the reception.

Agent Tannhauser Arizona department here to meet Dc District manager! He felt the minidisc with the info in his pocket and prayed it wouldnt be checked.

Our biometric and facescan system is down for some reason today so we will check you the oldfashioned way today.
Tannhauser smiled at Quantico he had been master in getting through searches, thank the Lord he thought!

After the checkup he went in and removed his precious disc and headed towards the It department hoping his credentials were valid here.
He entered and was met by a young man in geekish outfit whose tag read Matt C.

Who are you man? This is for It guys only, you look like one of em torpedos that run around gunning down terrorists.

Its fine said Tannhauser im here to load down some info and email it to Arizona office, which was true it was but one of the recipients! Be wise as serpents he thought an harmless as doves.

Ok man the young geek said follow me the biometrics have gone haywire today we use old tech passwords today. Xan you believe it man the young man said. Yes i can said Argo as our President says he smiled. The humor God gifted us with!

This is too easy he thought but the Lord opens doors for salvation for all who listen!
He sat down and typed in his id an Pw when he noticed that the computer was remote accessed he saw it and fastly pressed anf id the accessor and blocked his access.
He knew it would only last minutes but he fastly opened the file and downloaded it to the computer and sent the file with the logo of an B2 bomber and a chilibean and cross to the recipients.

Happy he done it he thanked Matt and went out. In the corridor he was met by 2 agents running towards him and he knew they got him but suddenly he felt a warm presence within him and he looked in amazement as the agents run past him just inches away without noticing.
A miracle he thought and felt weak in the knees.

After this he dropped his report in the directors office and left it for the secretary and proceeded out of the Hq. As he was out he noticed alarms blaring and the building was put into lockdown.
That was close he thought but the same presence he felt earlier said; many will you save before im calling you home. Trust me more than the bedrock you standon and you will see miracles of salvation.

1 day later he saw on television General Thaddeus Griffin Darwin head of Norad in an interview who said. The rumors of classified intel concerning our President that has leaked to several allied countries and federal bureaus are and have been verified as false.
No one sane could claim that our President has been working to subsidize the Us government to the Un and create an world goverment with the Us acting as its enforcer.

As our experts have documented and many of our allies have already verified only fringe elements within our societies like those we once thought kind and humane we call Christians believe this nonsense.
As of today information centers and education retreats have been established to annull the effects of this false information.

Pastors in clergy response teams are working with us to identify and bring people who believe this information for re education.
An tolerant society abhors intolerans General Darwin said and we will show our tolerance for these misguided people all around the globe.
Ethnos against Ethnos has begun the Holy Spirit said within him, Matthew 24 starts. The birthpangs will intensify. Prepare my brethren strenghthen them and preach the Word until i will call you home.

Know i will be ever with you said Jesus Christ i am the Alpha and the Omega!

Thus concludes part 10 and for the moment final part.
If you find it good enough please share to anyone and special thanks to Jc and the B2 Squad you know who you are.

60 thoughts on “The Adventurous Life Of The Believer

  1. NOTE TO READERS: When you see “B2 Squad,” that refers to some real folks that met originally on the “Believeacts2” Blog, hosted by JCSouthwest’s biological sister, Linda Clay. When you see “B2,” sometimes that refers to Linda herself. This blog is now closed for commenting, but there is much valuable information there for these times! Follow JCSouthwest’s link under “Blogs I Follow.” Please also see the “Redeemed Warrior” blog which is awesome, and hosted by JCSouthwest’s brother-in-law.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ADDITIONAL NOTE TO READERS: When you see “the European” or something similar to “the man from Finland,” that refers to the Distinguished Author of this Narrative, “STIG-OVE.”
      In this narrative, he is also code-named “Suburban man 22.”

      Liked by 1 person

        Definition of terms: “instant weight loss” in Part 8, 5th paragraph from the bottom is “B2’s” (hostess of Beleiveacts2 Blog) term for decapitation by a guillotine.

        Beheading is mentioned in the Book of Revelation in The Holy Bible.
        The Holy Word does not lie, so that this will occur somewhere in the not too distant future to many of the saints that REFUSE TO DENY Jesus Christ (Hebrew Name: Yashua Ha Mashiach—- Jesus the Messiah) as their ONLY Lord and Savior, creator of Heaven and Earth.


      2. NOTE TO READERS: In PART 10, second paragraph, you will see “B2 and DK.” DK is the real-life husband of the author of the Believeacts2 Blog.
        DK also has an OUTSTANDING blog listed in the area to the upper right by JCSouthwest under “Blogs I follow.” Please check it!! It’s “Redeemedwarrior.”


  2. BRAVO, JAMES! GREAT JOB HERE! My husband is enjoying Stig-Ove’s stories, so now I can access them for him with no difficulty! As for Peggy’s suggestion that you work me into the story again, you just follow the Holy Spirit, Stig-Ove! Perhaps the King has me in the back room praying while all of you are out on the front lines! Sounds like something He’d do!!!!!

    What a great place this is, and is becoming! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
    : ) Christine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOO…HOO, awesome story Stig-Ove! What a gift, taking our comments and and having them unravel into an amazing story! It’s all there…love, salvation, submission, obedience, love, peace and more… did I mention LOVE?



  3. Ok — here’s my attempts to bring over previous comments related to Stig-Ove’s stories. I can’t copy the exact formatting. These were copied in the order you see them on the blog and not by date or time. I brought over all I could capture, so I am sure some got left out. Some may be hidden as “Older comments” that can be re-displayed by hitting that button. Everyone Please feel free to bring over anything missing and just copy them below.
    FEBRUARY 14, 2016 AT 11:06 PM EDIT
    Oh my, Stig-ove. Nice story-telling…….that’ll come in handy in the coming times: “House-Church Story-teller.”

    But am I really ELDERLY at age 61??
    Age is a number, and mine’s unlisted!
    However, I think you have me “Pegged” (pun intended).
    Just about everyone calls me “Miss Peggy”……..even people that have just met me for the first time.

    Don’t forget to include Christine of North Carolina.
    Don’t forget Vicki, the artist, or “Sonshine”

    P.S. If any other reader or poster wants to be included in the story, tell what state or country that you’re from. I’m sure Stig will oblige and include you.

    P.S.S. I’m really from Southern New Jersey, but please keep me with Pennsylvania.
    Most of my relatives are there as well as a big part of my heart……..

    FEBRUARY 14, 2016 AT 11:08 PM EDIT
    P.S. Now I’m making this difficult…….there’s also Kenzelsfire. She’s posted in J.C. land under Dreams. She’s also part of the B2 Brigade.

    Forgive me if I left anyone out…….Peggy

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 12:03 AM EDIT
    Yes everyone, don’t be shy. Stig-ov has very interesting perception of some of our states. lol

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 9:34 PM EDIT
    Yes, remember me Vicki, I’m in Pennsylvania. Today it’s snowing here and I’m watching the birds eat up all the seeds we put out for them.

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 12:00 AM EDIT
    WAIT just a minute! Plainly dressed, elderly woman with a drawl? I will have you know we do not drawl in Montana, I clean up pretty good when I want to. AND, I am not elderly! I was a young mother and grandmother. Not even old enough for regular retirement so they kicked me out on a medical. ROFLCGU

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 12:40 AM EDIT
    And she has a BEAUTIFUL grand-daughter. I’ve seen her picture (and you know that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”!

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 1:06 AM EDIT
    Oh Stig-Ove, I am holding my sides! You have missed your calling, bro! How about writing some funny books for your sibs to enjoy when the world goes nuts? We’ll need ’em soon, so get cracking now!

    : ))))) Christine

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 11:33 AM EDIT
    Amen, Stig!

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 11:52 AM EDIT
    Great imagination Stig-Ove. Branson T-Shirt? Yuck! That’s enough to gag a buzzard 🙂

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 3:50 PM EDIT
    Ha Ha Ha, FUNNY, J.C.

    Don’t pay too much attention to us. Just let your creativity flow.
    All of our restrictions on you might ruin PART 2 (hahahah)

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 9:15 PM EDIT
    Too funny 🙂 Poor Bubba 🙂

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 9:21 PM EDIT
    Terrific! I wonder how many Parts to this story?
    Don’t forget J.C. and his Tee- Shirt!

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 10:04 PM EDIT
    Yahoo, our Finnish cowboy! How is it you know so well how things work over here? Well, at least how they will SOON work over here! Holy Spirit sittin’ on your shoulder, Stig-Ove! Enjoy your imagination thoroughly! (And thanks for giving me a shout-out! My 10 seconds of fame!)

    : ) Christine

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 11:09 PM EDIT
    Stig-Ove, Y’all be right funny 🙂

    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 2:09 AM EDIT
    WOW brother Stig-Ove! I wonder if you’re “painting this picture” for more than just entertainment! Great day, it sure is fun though!

    : ) Christine

    FEBRUARY 14, 2016 AT 10:52 PM EDIT
    Lol finish the story Stig-ove now I’m hooked

    FEBRUARY 14, 2016 AT 11:03 PM EDIT
    Sorry got to sleep brinfing son to park tomorrow.
    Maybe tomorrow evening part 2…….Rawhide keep em donkeys going……montanan humvee cowboys hollering and shooting in the background 🙂

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 11:29 PM EDIT
    I appreciate your Part 3!
    Wow. You “cranked out” Part 2 and Part 3 in ONE DAY!

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 11:36 PM EDIT
    Note to Self:
    Don’t forget Christine in Part 4!

    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 11:32 AM EDIT
    Note to Self:
    Don’t forget Vicki from Pennsylvania, the ARTIST for the continuing saga. (And Sonshine….. sorry if I missed anyone….)
    You’ll see her posts here.
    J.C. has displayed her art here on one of his posts!

    FEBRUARY 15, 2016 AT 10:40 PM EDIT
    Stig-Ove – what great imagination for the Lord – now back to the everglades…… 🙂

    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 11:35 AM EDIT
    QUITE funny, as well as the Branson Tee- Shirt at the very top.
    (Sometimes ‘ya just gotta laugh!)

    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 2:32 AM EDIT
    JC that is awesome brother – 🙂

    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 2:34 AM EDIT
    Now THAT is a moonshine crew LOL – blessings all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stig-Ove
      FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 10:13 PM
      Sorry for my fiction audience but maybe part 4 of the B2 brigade will arrive tomorrow first.

      Sorry for Michael who bought popcorn already waiting for it:-(

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 12:56 AM
      FUNNY, Stig!

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 4:27 AM
      Stig-Ove – drove all the way home in a rush so I could read chapter 4 😦 LOL

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 2:44 PM
      FANTASTIC! This one was more illustrative/prophetic of coming times, I believe. Of course, I believe it was Christine that mentioned that Part 3 had a possible prophetic edge to it. It is a useful narrative. Truly it reminded me in part of Linda Clay’s latest article on Z3news which describes evil actually swallowing people up.



      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 3:05 PM
      Ah, Stig-Ove, on the edge of my seat here! The story unfolds! Yes, THEY ARE HERE! Just not revealed to everyone’s eyes yet. Shelter us under your wing, Jesus!

      Excellent, my brother! Hoping Mike holds onto the ROCK!!!!!

      : ) Christine

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 4:03 PM
      WOW that was intense!!! Which is how I feel after the Lord paints through me. And yes, the central message is Jesus Christ, submission and obedience.


      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 10:35 PM
      I LOVED Part 5! Hopefully, you can type these up and leave them in a booklet. You never know how it could be helpful to some people!

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 4:11 PM
      Great day, Stig-Ove! Fabulous exploits of the end-time saints! I’m just loving it, brother-mine! What affect are these yarns you’re writing having in your spirit?


      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 3:18 PM
      Thoroughly enjoying these writings Stig-Ove – preparing our spirits for battle – we shall overcome with our King telling us so.

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 4:14 PM
      Amen, Vicki, Christine, and Michael!!

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 2:18 PM
      Part 6— EXCELLENT!!

      Hey Stig— one little observation.
      What happened to Christine?
      She was no where to be found in Parts 5 or 6?
      She is a POWERFUL woman for Christ Jesus.

      Perhaps she is just hidden away for now to make a GRAND APPEARANCE in PART 7…..

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 2:29 PM
      Well i have to try to get her in there 😃

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 4:28 PM
      See my response under Stig-Ove’s special section, Peggy! I think perhaps the King has me in the back room praying my fool head off while all of you are out there doing your exploits!

      Ha ha ha ha ha. . . .


      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 5:44 PM
      Wow, talk about cliff hangers. Mike is a hero right? He made the right decision? Tell us, tell us!

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 7:23 PM
      Mike is Michael so yes he is an made in Arizona hero!

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 9:08 PM
      Lol yaaay whew thxs stig-ove

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 10:29 PM
      Re: Stig’s Story Part 4-

      I’m glad I wasn’t there to meet up with THIS one:

      “the third was thin like a Montanan woodsman after winter with an bulbous head like nothing he saw before!”

      AND— how CREATIVE about the Word pronunciation ending in a “hissing sound”—very characteristic of “the serpent”— SMOOTH-tongued and HISSING!

      “you are undefiled by the Word(the pronounciation of the Word ended in a hissing sound).:

      FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 10:55 PM
      Stig-ov, this just keeps getting better and better!

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 12:03 AM
      Agreed Stig-Ove – you may be called to write this as Peggy mentioned and distribute to your people – Your word imagery …… BRAVO – next chapter, Christine, Peggy and Deb build a cabin in 2 days and Vicki hangs her artwork LOL while JC goes to town for supplies – will he return ???? LOL this is great stuff Stig-Ove !!!!

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 5:06 AM
      JC please pick up some Tea and Chocolate in town.
      Oh, I pray he makes it back, we are almost out of chocolate! 🙂

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 12:26 PM
      Jc has some distance to the chocolate shop. So we have to be patient.

      Patienta virtus est said the romans.

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 12:39 PM
      As for the Chocolate, I’ll just take the virtual ones; otherwise I’d have to buy bigger stretch pants — LOL 🙂

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 1:52 AM
      Well I THOUGHT I commented on part 4 & 5, Stig-Ove, but I don’t see either of them! They’re wonderful! Imaginative, inspired and entertaining. Write a book, Stig! What a great way to leave the Gospel message behind!

      That’s my BROTHER folks! So happy to know him!

      FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 11:47 AM
      Time will not allow to write a book. Im fully employed with family&children.

      But i wont deny that i thought sometimes about it

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for this homage Jc and everyone else. Praying it saves as many as the Lord has space for.

    And that be all living humans if they accept Jesus Christ.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree Peggy. Having those “old fashioned” Prayer & Tarry meetings again would be awesome. Those reminded me of the Bible Studies that were hosted by my older sister Karen’s husband (Steve). Steve passed away several years ago, but his Love for the Lord never wavered. They use to have meetings in homes and church basements back in the early 1980’s.

      I think it’s awesome that we can have those in our own homes by way of technology now. I love how we can participate in blogs, Skype Bible & Prayer Meetings, share the Gospel, share true news and pray for everyone.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I hope to finish part 7 out of 10 tonight, im busy during the day so late tonight my time if i have energy Lord willing.

    Dont want my loyal fanbase to be kept in torturous suspense 🙂


    1. JC what have I done….do you know why “” is showing vs. my name when I post a comment??? My blog isn’t set up yet. Silly me, I must have done something to cause this.



      1. Vicki, that’s a problem with wordpress. I think any person that has a wordpress account, will always have their blog name set for comments. If you don’t have anything setup on your blog yet, you could always de-activate that one and just use your name?

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  6. Well Stig-Ove, I’m honored to have been given the Latin surname “Fides” meaning “good faith!” Faith in a good God, that is! Another great chapter in the ongoing saga! Thank you, brother-mine!


    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow Stig this has me on the edge of my seat! So proud of you bro for your amazing creativity, especially having to adapt to America’s way of life! I pray everyone who reads this adventure will be touched tremendously by Y’shua.

    I see powerful anointing in these words. God uses talents in ways we never expect.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Stig – Ove – 🙂 keep going – I hope you have the next book already in mind LOL – ok no pressure- will at least let you get the next chapter out –

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I dont run out of ideas so easily. Its more difficult to keep the story together. All of the readers here are people who notice discrepencies in writing in no time. So better keep it tight togethet.


  9. You’ve hit another one out of the park, Stig-Ove! It’s amazing how you keep us on the edge of our seats, always wanting more! Bravo, my brother!

    : ) Be blessed, Stig-Ove!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Stig-ove,
    EXCELLENT work. The term “B2” is always funny.
    I could comment much more, but you’ll have to wait until I have some time available for that……hopefully in another week.

    BRAVO! Keep up the AWESOME WORK!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey sis! Surprised to see you still have time to bestow your pearls of wisdom on us, the night before the BIG DAY! Praying it’s blessed, Peggy, and you and new hubby have a lovely honeymoon!

      : ) Christine

      Liked by 1 person

    1. J.C.,
      Your prayer above for “The DAY” is mine and Jim’s too, EXACTLY.
      We are watching HIM work early this a.m. already.
      Thanks for the prayers.

      Love to everyone on this blog,
      Peggy and Jim

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen, Deb. I agree 100%.
      AND, there are a lot of really good underlying nuggets in those narratives!

      I suppose Stig-ove PRAYS before he writes so that the Holy Spirit takes over his mind and “pen.”

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Hopefully part 9 will be online later, i started today already but miss pressed and lost all. The authors life is fraught with perils 🙂


  12. Wovie zovie zomba, Stig! Did it again! And I wonder, who does IT enter in the House of White? Mmm. . .three guesses! Loved that B2’s face was as red as her hair!

    You are inspired, brother-mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Stig-Ove – when does part two begin LOL 🙂 excellent – loved the scripture Tannhauser was written in with. Thank You for the time you devoted to this may it peak the interest of those yet to be saved. And any Jalapeno peppers Linda wont eat I will take them – love those things !!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  14. EXCELLENT job, Stig-ove!!!
    Maybe you’ll be led to write some more—- hope so!

    Fantastic use of humor with Linda and the chili-burgers, etc……
    Thanks so much for all of your efforts.


  15. Thanks to JC, I FINALLY found the last part of the book 😀
    Speaking of books, wow, you really need to write a book to publish also Stig! Just excellent and what a gift He gave you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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