Current Events A/o 2-13-16

This blog post was created as a place to share current events, true news, thoughts, links from other sources and have a place for fellowship a/o 2-13-16.

I prefer to keep the Bible Study, Prayer Request and Share Your Dreams/Visions postings on topic, so that we may all gain understanding.    Please do not be offended if some comments have been removed from any of the 3 blog types listed above.  Thank so much for understanding.

May we all continue to grow daily in the Lord.  Amen.



This Picture Below is for Stig-Ove.  He might draw inspiration for his fictional novel he’s sharing 🙂



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    1. What is behind so many earthquakes in Oklahoma over these many months………..there’s something I can’t quite “hear” but is of significance. ..


      1. I don’t have full grasp of the cause of these earthquakes in Oklahoma. I’ve seen some share they are being caused by Man’s Fracking procedures for the purpose of gaining access to Natural Gas Deposits. Many have shared more urgency of a huge earthquake happening at the New Madrid Missouri Fault Line, which they claim will divide the United States into sections.


      2. There is no doubt (for me) that the earthquakes in Oklahoma are caused by the fracking. My husband and I watched a special recently on the weather channel. It was about Oklahoma and the earthquakes that started occurring there AFTER they started fracking in that state. It was a lengthy documentary that went into great detail of what occurs deep in the earth when fracking is being done. The pressure used to frack is so great it causes shifting, i.e. earthquakes. This apparently is a state that rarely had earthquakes and when they did they were in the 3’s on the scale. Most are still minor, however the number has increased from two per year (on average) to hundreds or 2 per day. They now have more than CA. The numbers on the scale are also higher in magnitude. Many residents have severe damage to their homes as a result. Unfortunately the residents tend to carry insurance for tornado’s but have never had the need to have coverage for earthquakes. Also, homes in this area are not built to withstand the shifting that has begun to occur with these minor quakes so they’re on their own to repair the damage to their homes.

        The documentary went on to show the damage in other states and also the rise of shifting underground, causing more than normal occurrences of earthquakes. They also showed a fracking company in California that fracks on the San Andreas Fault. Frightening! Expert say it’s only a matter of time before this will have major consequences. They explained that the water pressure that is forced back into the ground is causing fault lines (normally lying dormant) to wake up, so to speak.
        The interviews with people who live in OK are heartbreaking to hear along with how the quakes have devalued their properties. There was a time when life was much more peaceful for them.

        This year (2016) they have already seen 140 quakes 3.0 or larger. That’s an average of 2.5 earthquakes per day. Before 2008, the average was one and a half per year.

        None of the above information includes the impact on the water. It’s contaminated and then forced deep into the earth so as to not hurt anyone…so they say. Ask people up state, right here in PA about their wells.

        Like most anything these days…there is plenty on the internet to consider. Often times it comes down to truth. What is the truth? Who is telling the truth? If the opinion is coming from someone who is getting paid, well then I need to reconsider who to believe.

        Blessings to all,


        1. Vicki,
          I recognize the earthquakes could be a by-product of fracking. The reality is it doesn’t matter.

          A friend told me last year that even if fracking is the cause/effect, during the end of days God will use ANY and all means to get our attention. Yes, OK is considered a quake Hotspot having OVERTAKEN CA for the lead.
          The New Madrid Fault & Yellowstone will both play a role (for starters) in changing the topography of this country.

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  1. Thanks for the updates JC…. If anyone want to live stream awesome intercessory worship music 24/7 its on (intl house of prayer Kansas city ) groups change every 1-2 hours but some amazing piano, guitars and lyrics for the Lord – most is classical style and very soothing for times like these ….. Blessings all, Amen

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  2. correct on that comment too Christine – makes me not happy to think of all the “behind the scenes ” happiness going on because of this…… may it backfire on those who think like this.

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    1. Their thinking is based on the idea of gaining power only, like Kissinger Said power is the greatest aphrodisiac!

      But sadly for them Jesus Said IT better; whosoever conquers the world but loses his own soul is a loser in My opinion. The last part is My own addition from is onwards.

      So they are Digging their own grave by gaining power, Only Jesus can get them out now IF the repent.

      Have a Nice day all

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    2. Thanks for sharing Michael. I believe there are many more “man made” virus problems heading our way — thanks in part to the Elite who are satan’s followers. We’ve all seen many virus origins shared by true news people, that stated many of these things are out there to assist with the depopulation agenda.


  3. Wow JC that infoWars video was a real eyeopener, global martial law? Lord lead Us IF there is global martial law expect LOTs and LOTs of people dependent on Goverment welfare to despair as they Run out of food and also most likely a mandatory vaccination aka mass death projekt will be started.

    At this our complacency and spiritual sleep is not an option.

    Once forums like this Go silent we are left with Faith and the bible!
    Have you JC as you Said worked alot with computers familiarized your self with similar undernets that they use in China to communicate without interference?

    For now i guess mozilla firefox is quite ok and apples browser is quite anonymous as i understand IT.

    Alex Said prepare and do IT with what you can, water, foodstuff and medicine IF you can IT looks like we are on the brink!

    Jesus be with you all

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    1. Stig-Ove, I’m not familiar with the technology mentioned about use without interference. I trust the Lord for his protection in all areas. There may come a time that the internet becomes a thing of the past, or even just a “false flag” event that brings everything down for a short while.


  4. See these comments from latest Z3news article:
    Matt Smith says: [He wrote the Prophetic 2016 poem posted on Z3; He hears from the Lord; Prophetic;]

    February 13, 2016 at 11:24 pm
    I have a irking feeling, Judge Scalia’s death was no accident. I just thought of this, sharing with my wife. Aren’t Saudi’s ready to run drills, and deploy troops tomorrow, or Monday. I believe they are distracting us from something bigger, that will happen in the next couple of days.

    JM says:
    February 13, 2016 at 11:44 pm
    scary…..I thought something similar. thanks for sharing

    James Bailey says: [ He’s the AWESOME host of the site] [check out his articles sometime if you have time]
    February 13, 2016 at 11:56 pm
    I know it sounds awful to even suggest it, but at the very least we must be on full alert, paying attention, knowing the scheme of the enemy so we stay several steps ahead of him. We are dealing with ruthless murderers, which was revealed to me in a dream. They are willing to kill not only Scalia, but all the rest of us too.

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  5. Again, a comment by Matt Smith, author on Z3:
    Matt Smith says:
    February 13, 2016 at 7:57 am
    I am starting to believe, someone will set of a nuke in Damascus, fulfilling Isaiah’s Ch 17 prophecy. It hasn’t been fulfilled yet, and I think the fulfillment could happen to either start WW3, escalate WW3, or end WW3.


  6. OK— one more comment by the awesome host of Z3news. I that he highly suspects that the woman will be Hitlery.

    In William Branham’s prophecy from early 1900’s, he saw a woman coming into power in U.S.

    James Bailey says:
    February 13, 2016 at 8:02 pm
    Just to clarify, I have not been shown anything regarding the elections, but I saw Obama further into the future after our country had been through a series of severe problems and he was still in power. Then he put a woman in charge as he permanently departed. So when I heard five other people saying they saw the election cancelled it was easy for me to believe because it fit with what I saw.

    I also saw we were attacked soon after she took over, which is what Brian Carn saw too.

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    1. Hello Peggy

      I receive that newsletter that people who follow the teachings of Branham.

      But there are many who critisize and even call Branham an outright heretic! I remember in one of his old newsletters they were talking about Branham levitating stuff which he alluded to power of prayer.

      Our church leader here in Finland when he visited our town mentioned that this Branham is dangerous.
      Whatever he was he became something else.

      Again im not that familiar about him but i know his followers expect California to split away from the mainland. Its a major sign for them!

      Sorry Michael move to Montana, Deb can fix you a place to sleep while you move:-)

      So Peggy you know any more?


      1. I felt strongly like the Holy Spirit led me to the writings of Branham immediately after the first time I read my Bible every day for 90 days straight (about 24 pages per day). I read his books……very poor English, very uneducated, (just the kind Jesus would USE) but seemed very full of the Spirit. I listened to his Sermons from the early 1960’s…….main point: HOLY SPIRIT needs to operate FREELY in the churches. Most Churches have SHUT HIM OUT!
        He also seemed to do some very inspired connections between various parts of Scripture while in one Sermon.

        I read a book called “The Acts of a Prophet” and was amazed.
        I read the 7 Predictions from early 1900’s and all but 2, I believe, have come true. One is the “egg-shaped” car that needs no driver. I know it has existed, but it’s not in common use. He saw an EXPLOSION in the U.S. where everything around him was incinerated.

        Oh, no, I never heard of anything remotely connected with “levitating power.” I would’ve dropped my studies on the spot if I heard it.

        I have also felt hurt to hear negative reports about him. I got a “check” in my spirit when I heard them. At the end of my 90 day cover to cover Bible Reading, I asked the Holy Spirit to please let me understand more about the Book of Revelation. I strongly feel that the answer was in the form of being led to several of his books, one of which was “The Seven Churches of Revelation.” I’m not sure if that’s the exact title……and several others. I felt enlightened and gratified and it was a really good start on the path of understanding more. Right after that, Holy Spirit landed me in a 3 year Bible Study verse by verse of Revelation that was wonderful “off the charts”!!! (I entered it in the final year of the 3 years.)


    2. I have no real knowledge an no personal opinion about William Branham, other then people have placed comments about his prophecies never coming to pass.

      I still do not believe we will have another president. Many have shared in dreams/visions/prophecy that Obumbum is the last president and also the Anti-Christ. Something will more than likely happen that will allow Obumbum to invoke Martial Law — that will stop the election process and leave him in power indefinitely.

      None of the political stuff really matters, as it’s all in the hands of the Lord. We have all been warned that Judgments are now being released, an that also included giving freedom to the fallen angels (aka Watchers) by having portals now open that were previously closed.

      The only thing that the election process is good for now is “Entertainment”. You can only cover up Evil so long, before the stench becomes overwhelming.

      It is more important that we put are 100% trust in the Lord. No politician will be able to save mankind from what we are about to witness.

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      1. I’m not debating whatsoever. I have the books and his 7 prophecies.
        I could find them and you would see them for yourselves. Some are Hitler, etc. I just don’t want to get hung up on doing that right now……time is precious. And Time is running out!

        Simply stated, he saw a WOMAN in power in the U.S.
        So did the very reliable James Bailey, host of Z3news.
        That’s my main point.
        It’s something to think about/ be aware of that possibility……

        Blessings to all.

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      2. And the STENCH surely is overwhelming!!! Yes, so true political stuff is irrelevant. It’s okay to watch (I think) for signs but nothing else.

        For instance…I heard Chuck Todd say a few weeks ago while answering a question on the Today Show. He said, “It’s too late for Obama to do anything now. Then as though he had an after thought, he said, “unless he had a third term”. Hmm…

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  7. Also, I saw somewhere today a statement to the effect that we need to hang on to Jesus and our Bibles. I couldn’t agree more. But “heads up.” I’m sure they’re going to be confiscating those Bibles. Prepare by hiding the WORD away in your mind, heart, soul, and spirit. Have some favorite verses MEMORIZED.

    I believe that Linda C. has a post on Bible Confiscation.
    Blessings to all.

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    1. Peggy, I hope this posts on JCs site……..I tried posting on the other thread and it said it wouldn’t post yet the address bar and all else says, JCSouthwest.
      There is a woman in power now. Hillary and she is also portrayed by Kate Winslett (looked it up) in the movie “Divergent.” Much to that movie…………

      I do not follow WB teachings…….But, I have listened to a few my brother had in the late 90s…….Ill’ leave it there. Not enough to have any opinion on.

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      1. Don’t ever discount the POWER of SPEAKING out the Word.
        SPEAK out the Scriptures that you need to strengthen you!!

        We are speaking spirits (created in the image of God). God is A SPIRIT.
        God watches after HIS WORD to perform it.
        Angels hearken to it.
        We can muster our angels into action on our behalf by SPEAKING THE WORD.
        (I think we must have a lot of bored angels up there!!)

        We come to Salvation through confessing (speaking) that HE IS LORD.
        I believe we attain sanctification little by little by that same process.

        The Lord told my Pastor recently:
        “I will activate My Covenant with them when they SPEAK in agreement with the term of My Covenant.”
        [The terms of His Covenant are the contents of the Holy Word.]

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    2. You gotta keep your bibles in physical copies anything in electronic format is one keystroke from deletion.

      Remember that books have been one of the last bastions of freedom through history!

      There is a reason nazis burned books!

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      1. I’ve been wondering about that, Stig-Ove. What would I do if they came to collect my Bible? I am trying to commit as much as possible to memory, but what I’m able to memorize is a thimble’s full at this point. What can we do to preserve our precious Book? Anyone thought about this? Are there special cases made that I could put one in and bury it? I don’t know of any. Curious though.


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    3. Oh Peggy my last dream was all about memorizing scripture and also teaching those around us to do the same. It was clear…we will not have our Bibles or the Internet. It was also about getting out there and spreading the word, saving souls….I heard “the time is near”.



  8. Peggy, who knows who the “woman in power” is they speak of. Anything can happen in our corrupt nation. The power given to this woman could be in the form of some Hi-Ranking official. Could be in the United Nations or in any other forum. Whoever it is and whatever title they receive, they will have no control when the Lord returns. I don’t see anyone debating on this blog, just sharing ideas. May we all take information we received to the Lord in prayer for confirmation via the Holy Spirit.

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  9. Could that woman in power (holding a spot for Hillary) now be Valerie Jarrett…. Obamas handler … big influence in bringing in the muslim positions now held in Washington… As Peggy said, stuff the verses in your backpack and hold dear to them. Stig-Ove , Montana is 2-3 days drive from Arizona, If satellites get knocked out so that our vehicles are not drivable due to all the technology chained to them, It will take some time to walk or ride a bike to Debs house 🙂 Started over in my Bible at Genesis…. just gotta keep in the word till the lights go out . Blessings on your day all.

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    1. Oh My Michael i got the impression you were a californian! Now i got Montanans and arizonans mad at me! Soon i got Navajo indians and apaches at My tail😄


      1. Stig-ove,
        I was going to clarify that to you before when I saw your ingenious composition about “tanned Californians.” Also, take note, J.C. is from Missouri, in case you need that info. for another creative post.

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    2. You are welcome anytime Michael! I have a biological brother Michael I miss terribly, it would be nice to have a stand in little bro to pick on!

      I do not know WB’s work but what came to me reading the comments was this:
      Matthew 24:24
      For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

      I only say this as to reinforce the reminder we are constantly hearing. There is a reason we keep hearing this.

      Please brothers and sisters be cautious in all you read and hear. If there is even an inkling that something isn’t right, back away and immediately seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom. No offense intended to anyone but, that includes all blogs, visions, dreams, words or comments. Some who once were very anointed have become tainted by the world. Keep honing your discernment!

      Like I said, I am not pointing any fingers anywhere. I am just being obedient and reinforcing a warning from the Lord.

      Blessings to all,

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      1. Regarding discernment:
        I have a friend that said at one time she was perhaps influenced by some people that were not good to be around. She was a Christian, but was around some questionable influences. (might be considered Luke-warm)…

        One night, she saw Jesus appear in white at the foot of her bed.
        She was happy, but then the vision changed to something not of God.

        She said that after that experience, she removed herself from the influence of those people, and has always vowed since that time to ask any visiting presence if they confess Jesus Christ as the Only Son of God and Only Savior.

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        1. Amen to that, Peggy. Discernment is the key cause there have been times when the King has directed me to drop “troublesome” relationships and times when He instructs me to love them (like with my small group of ladies on Monday nights). I’ve left some behind, and know I was obedient. I WANT to walk away sometimes, and know He’s telling me not to. Sigh. Nothing for it but to put my head down and obey.

          Love ya, girlfriend. Wise girlfriend!


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  10. “BECAUSE OF HIM” (by Janet Rumpf @1980)

    Because of Him my life will change
    my broken heart will mend.
    I need not shake with guilty hands
    for God will be my friend.
    It doesn’t matter what I’ve done
    how great or small the sin.
    If I REPENT, accept His grace
    a new life will begin.
    I can not change the past, but God
    will lift my heavy load;
    What joy and peace awaits the child
    who daily walks God’s road.
    Because of Him the wrong I’ve done
    will not happen again;
    He’ll make something BEAUTIFUL from
    a life once lost in vain.

    “Ho EVERYONE who thirsteth, come and drink of the waters of life”!
    “Go is NO RESPECTER of persons.”
    Come now, before it is too late!

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  11. “THE DEVIL’S MARK” (by Janet Rumpf @1980)

    The Bible warns a mighty force
    will one day come to reign.
    The beast will seem so gentle, yet
    he’ll bring turmoil and pain.
    He’ll act like Christ to fool the world
    but Satan’s brand he bears.
    In his right hand or forehead,
    the number 666 he wears.
    Believe in Christ for Satan’s own
    denies the Incarnate Son.
    But Christ will rule, so Worship Him
    for HE’S THE ONLY ONE!

    Observation: The Bible makes it so clear about the anti-christ that one would need help to misunderstand: It calls the anti-christ “the beast.”
    It is clear throughout the Scriptures not to worship anything but the living God, and it does point out a “beast” (the golden calf that was worshiped at the foot of Mt. Sinai by the Israelites) and the dire consequences of worshiping it.

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  13. Hey Peggy my spidey sense went wild on this branham newsletter on 2 points which i will define!

    First he referred to God as the great architect of the universe. Thats Gaotu in masonic speech, also Albert Pike refers to Gaotu in his magnum opus Morals and dogma!

    Secondly he said God inhabits a dimension slightly higher than ours!

    And when i hear that i think 4 th dimension or time. Time is the domain of Satan=scripture says the last enemy to be conquered is death.

    Hebrew cosmology depicts the universe as concentric circles ever expanding, st Paul said he entered heaven i think it was 7 th heaven! You can check that in scripture it begins i knew a man etc kjv hebrews i think. Science talks about expanding circles in infinity mathematics(Boltsmann).

    Otherwise the whole thing tasted like mystery school gobbledygook.

    He judges freemasonry at the end but id be wary of this Branham he is perhaps not what he was in the early stages of his career where does revelations you have Peggy.

    Just saying im wary of this guy his newsletters regularly blasts Israel too!

    The link


    1. WB died in 1963 or 1965. I don’t follow him. I was just led to his books back in 2012 and was impressed that he noted the lack of Holy Spirit’s leading in the churches. He also felt that all of the denominations weren’t necessary.

      I wasn’t aware of and haven’t followed any newsletters related to him.

      I’m very strong in my support for Israel according to God’s Holy Word.
      God says things like “Israel is My Son.” “Israel is My Wife,” and on and on.
      God’s heart for Israel is all over the WORD.

      Anyone that blasts Israel, let alone regularly blasts Israel is definitely in trouble!


  14. And i forgot romans 8:39

    Where dimensions are 4 and they cannot separate us from the love of God. And the devil moving to and fro on the earth. His title is also baalzebub lord of those who flitter and fly around us.

    Also the psalm where the bulls of bashan observe Christ on the cross. One of the psalms that predate Christs arrival and are clearly prophetic.

    So we have a id say clear evidence from scripture that God is well higher than 4 th dimension.

    Burkhardt Heims theory postulates 6 dimensions and Kaluza-Klein 5 dimensions.

    So be wary people and remember the devil is the anointed cherub. Michael Lake in the shinar directive thinks the devil because of his anointing can and does interrupt prayers. Think book of Daniel for reference!

    I think you have enough bubblegum to go with for awhile now 🙂


  15. Stig-Ove – no Indians headed your way lol – Deb – I’ll start a charity walk to Montana – leave tomorrow morning see you guys in Oct- Nov lol
    Stig-Ove and Peggy – between all the books you guys have read, the Lord would have to extend the life span into the 600 yrs range again for me to catch up 🙂

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    1. No need for 600 years 10 years ought to do its a habit that grows on you! And think on the good side the hebrews Said youth ends at 60 so your still a boy When you learn IT. 😊

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    2. Michael,

      Bless you! What a talent you have for group unification and uplift with a little sprinkle of humor, too. I observe you doing this over and over again!

      This will be a wonderful talent to have in coming times, especially when you (as well as us) will likely find ourselves living in the midst of various personalities/ probable “strangers”!

      As someone in Florida who has been assigned an Ark has noted: “When I have dreams of all these strangers and some known relatives in my home, I just keep hoping that they’ll all get along”!

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    3. Stick that thumb out and witness along the way!

      There is no way I could go through the word as fast as some of you do. I have been directed to speak the word aloud as I read so as to devour it with more of my senses. I know I had asked some of you about getting an audio bible to play. I got a bit of a red flag on this when I heard some of the people who are reading in some of them. I will not mention any particular one or any particular people. However, it came do me that I may not want someone who is not even saved or a heretic to be reading scripture to me. So, unless directed otherwise, I will continue listening to my own dulcet tones as I absorb as much of the precious word as I can.


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  16. This is hard to read JC. Part of me wants the attacker forgiven but the other part says whoever carrys concealed legaly is justified in protecting innocent life??? At least a weapon drawn without shooting may stop him if called out in the name of Jesus. This is a tough call. So dependent on what the spirit tells you in mere seconds.


    1. We are commanded to forgive our enemies. May the person that did this repent for what he has done, as eternity in hell will be more horrific then anyone can comprehend.

      May the Lord guide us if we are ever faced to make this decision to defend ourselves in such a short notice. Any of us could face that problem at any time.

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  17. We have to see when those kind of attacks will begin in Finland.

    And this dimension stuff is dedicated to Peggy,she absolutely adores it:-)

    I guess if i was in her home county they select me governor immediately because i have spatial location awareness in higher dimensions. Ideal in politics O:-)


  18. I’ve heard reports that my home city of St.Louis Missouri has received the trophy yet again for the worst city in the United States to live for its high crime rates. I think Detroit and Chicago are upset by their trophies being taken away.

    I haven’t lived in St.Louis since 2000, and I don’t miss it at all. I have 3 siblings that live there, and a few friends. I’m sure the “Ferguson” incident gave them multiple awards, as they are in the St.Louis Metro Area.


  19. And my guess is God forbid any of us has to take life In extreme situations the measure of how much we wanted to forgive and not have to have done it will be in relation to the level of torment of having done so afterwards.

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  20. Fbi agent Tannhauser stood in the blistering hot sunset outside an Arizonan residence where an notorious accomplice of known christian radical B2 lived.

    The bureau had been specific this man was a known participant in an radical webgroup in which several people where under investigation. The Cia had been despatched to Finland to check out some radical that was codenamed Suburban man 22, he thought what kind of hicks could be in Finland that garnered spook interest?

    Well he thought time to enter suspects premises warrant had been issued by democrat judge Sinnfeld who was known for his tough line on religious radicals.

    Well off we go.

    Tok tok he knocked on the door and looked at the surrounding neighbourhood typical suburbia he thought i’ll have this guy in no time.

    The door opened and a handsome man in his 50s opened and he looked at him. Hmm thinking to himself doesnt look like a typical militia man maybe this will be easy.

    The man said have a blessed day and welcome in we are just commencing a bible study with some friends.

    He entered in and looked around feeling a little hot and queasy inside this heat he thought.
    Inside the room he saw 4 persons an guy in 50s looking like Clint Eastwood with a Branson cowboys shirt.
    Secondly an elderly lady with sophisticated aristocratic look even who greeted him with a nod and smile as Peg og Prnnsylvania.

    Next was an plainly dressed woman elderly who was talking in Montanan drawl to an slightly overweight man whom Tannhauser immediately recognized as the spooks Finnish target.

    He thought to himself id better call backup im way over myh head on this but i’ll remain calm his professional instinct taking over.

    Then the man who looked like Eastwood said Welcome and sit down our topic for tonight is prophecy and the antichrist Obama, om Jc.

    Tannhauser swallowed what have i gotten myself into? Quantico never readied me for this! But in his inner self he was drawn strangely to the topic, he remembered his german geandmother talking about Hitler the same way. and then Jc and the host sat down in the Arizonan late evening and in the background he heard Rawhide playing…….

    End of part 1


    1. Oh my, Stig-ove. Nice story-telling…….that’ll come in handy in the coming times: “House-Church Story-teller.”

      But am I really ELDERLY at age 61??
      Age is a number, and mine’s unlisted!
      However, I think you have me “Pegged” (pun intended).
      Just about everyone calls me “Miss Peggy”……..even people that have just met me for the first time.

      Don’t forget to include Christine of North Carolina.
      Don’t forget Vicki, the artist, or “Sonshine”

      P.S. If any other reader or poster wants to be included in the story, tell what state or country that you’re from. I’m sure Stig will oblige and include you.

      P.S.S. I’m really from Southern New Jersey, but please keep me with Pennsylvania.
      Most of my relatives are there as well as a big part of my heart……..

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      1. P.S. Now I’m making this difficult…….there’s also Kenzelsfire. She’s posted in J.C. land under Dreams. She’s also part of the B2 Brigade.

        Forgive me if I left anyone out…….Peggy

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      2. Yes, remember me Vicki, I’m in Pennsylvania. Today it’s snowing here and I’m watching the birds eat up all the seeds we put out for them.


    2. WAIT just a minute! Plainly dressed, elderly woman with a drawl? I will have you know we do not drawl in Montana, I clean up pretty good when I want to. AND, I am not elderly! I was a young mother and grandmother. Not even old enough for regular retirement so they kicked me out on a medical. ROFLCGU

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    3. Oh Stig-Ove, I am holding my sides! You have missed your calling, bro! How about writing some funny books for your sibs to enjoy when the world goes nuts? We’ll need ’em soon, so get cracking now!

      : ))))) Christine

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    4. Part 2 of this legendary fiction of the B2 squad. Only available at Jc southwest.

      Tannhauser sat down on the sofa his tailor made suit making him feel sweaty in the hot Arizona evening. He also felt slightly overwhelmed looking at these 4 people ahead of him, they surely didnt look like any terrorists he had seen during his career.

      The man who opened the door and host called Mike said let us pray for guidance over our bible study project tonight.

      Tannhauser thought i will not reveal im an fed agent yet. They might give me leads on B2 whereabout! He smiled to himself….
      The elder montanan lady spoke after the prayer and said; Son you packing hardware under that jacket? Ye need none here we fight with the sword of the Lord she said and lifted her well thumbed bible. The spooktarget Suburbanman 22 eyed him suspiciously….maybe he knows thought Tannhauser but i will play along yet.

      Mike opened the study and looked over all present. We live in dire times and ever since in my youth before i got saved to Jesus Christ i havent felt this ready to spring to action.
      When i was young me and some buddies trucked moonshine and gatorhides from Florida to Mississippi when one night we saw an sight that would ever change my life!

      The aristocratic looking lady from Psylvania jumped in and said no worries brother Mike our sins are forgiven in Christ Jesus.

      Mike continued it was an dark night close to the Eveeglades where Bubba just offloaded the moonshine to our truck we saw a light over the swamp.

      Bubba spit his tobacco and said hey fellas look at that we might have us one of em Ifos i think they call em he chuckled the redneck way.

      No its Ufo i said(Mike) and i stretched my eye it was getting closer every second.

      Hmm fellas im going said Bubba cya later gators, and he started his boat and left. But we noticed he looked mighty scared leaving.

      I suddenly remembered my old college classmate Christine who grew up in Roswell, new mexico who told me horror stories of her sisters abduction in the Rockies in the early 90s and i said to the boys stop yapping were leaving NOW!

      As i hit the pedal to the metal in my Ford truck i was sweating the light was coming closer and i felt terrified like i never was before as the darkness of tje Everglades surrounded us.

      End of part 2


      1. Yahoo, our Finnish cowboy! How is it you know so well how things work over here? Well, at least how they will SOON work over here! Holy Spirit sittin’ on your shoulder, Stig-Ove! Enjoy your imagination thoroughly! (And thanks for giving me a shout-out! My 10 seconds of fame!)

        : ) Christine


      2. Part 3 of the B2 squads adventures.

        Mike paused in his recollection of the Eveeglades incident and looked at Tannhauser with an intense scrutinizing look.
        You are our guest here tonight yet i know by the Holy Spirit you are not here in vain!

        The lady from Psylvania entered the phrase also; young man your soul is troubled i can see an intelligent young man who has not maken the most important descision of his life yet.

        Tannhauser wetted his lips and Mike offered him an lemonade, he nodded in thanks.

        Argo Tannhauser is my name and to be frank im here tonight to check you out. I heard about your group and you interest me greatly.

        In what way young man said the Montanan lady who also introduced herself as Debbie!

        I heard you run an webgroup with interesting information and i was intrigued by it.

        Tannhauser smiled to himself maybe i got them B2 and promotion calls.

        Deb said i can feel the spirit of falsehood on you young man it is something i can feel instantly.
        You are here because you are looking for someone am i not right?

        Well yes mam im looking for a lady with the initials B2, i read her blog and would want to meet her.

        Suddenly the European said something for the first time, Jc there in the sleeve pocket of your gorgeous Branson shirt is an picture of what Mike saw in his story from the Everglades, let him finish it for our yet unsaved brother!

        When this evening is over and Mikes tale is told you mr Tannhauser will not see the world as you used too.

        Why dont you Mike continue pray Peg for Argos protection and that his mind and heart would not be closed by demonic forces he is still as yet totally worldbound by the prince of the power of the air.

        Suddenly after the prayer of Peg and Deb with Jc and Mike reciting scripture he felt like he was in an bubble of peace. What happened he thought to himself and he felt awed by the perception of the people around him that he now saw!

        But as Mike began he sipped his lemonade and thought to himself i might kick myself for doing this but i will follow through. These people remind me of my devout german grandmother who said to me that before you turn 40 Argo the Lord will cleanse you! My brothers deeds in the war will not shadow your future, thus i have gained insight by prayer.

        His grandmothers brother had been an SS major working at the Skodaworks in Chzeckoslovakia during the war for a general named Kammler Hans.

        That name still raised cold creeps through his spine.

        But Mike began his story in the darkness of the Everglades…..

        End of part3


        1. WOW brother Stig-Ove! I wonder if you’re “painting this picture” for more than just entertainment! Great day, it sure is fun though!

          : ) Christine


    1. Sorry got to sleep brinfing son to park tomorrow.
      Maybe tomorrow evening part 2…….Rawhide keep em donkeys going……montanan humvee cowboys hollering and shooting in the background 🙂


      1. Stig,
        Note to Self:
        Don’t forget Vicki from Pennsylvania, the ARTIST for the continuing saga. (And Sonshine….. sorry if I missed anyone….)
        You’ll see her posts here.
        J.C. has displayed her art here on one of his posts!


    February 12, 2016 at 6:53 am
    Friday is byeday for Obama everyday is lieday.
    In the blog of Linda i kinda trust because its base is the Word by the Lord.
    Eye hath not seen ear hath not heard the material present at Lindas blog.
    Dont be stupid and stay in the peatbog of the world.

    Trust the Word forget the world and go for fellowship to Jc southwest. Think of it like an invest and an means to further garner interest in the Word of the Lord.

    Linda has made her work but like cork she will surface again to work!
    Lindas rest is like a test for her. No one has been as nice as Linda exposing the worlds vice.

    So when next you write text remember Finland for poor we are vexed for not being able to read Lindas text.

    Rest now for we will go on and in love for you grow a ton.

    Hopefully not in weight 🙂


  22. I’m quoting from the second page of Clare’s word above:

    “And I just wanted to make an aside here. He (the Lord) said that because there are now many laboratory humanoid bodies without souls trained and engaged for battle. They do not have souls, so there is nothing to bring conviction to. The are more like machines than actual humans.”

    I believe Linda C. warned us of this.
    It’s surreal!


    1. Tom Horn and others around him have also been talking about people who are genetically altered so they can see and communicate with entities not seen by normal people.

      There is even an Oxford university professor named Nick Bostrom who research animals and incorporating animal genes into human dna to give strenghts of animals and the ability to humans to perceive these other modalities.

      Think of the story of Balaams ass from the bible. It saw the angel its mastet did not. That story and other behavioural characteristics of animals have led this research.


      1. In the New Testament, it mentions that Balaam’s Donkey spoke in a MAN’S VOICE. I found that interesting, because that fact was not noted in the Old Testament where the account appears.

        And WOE to the above messing around with genetic alteration.
        Where is their FEAR OF GOD?


  23. 2-15-16: I have a special request from everyone. Due to the high volume of emails and notifications I get, I ask to be removed from all future Group Emails. Please feel free to contact me individually for anything you want to remain private, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

    I had sent out a prayer request email and included many that do not comment often on our blogs — I apologize to those people, as they may now be getting too many emails.

    May the Lord continue to guide us along this Journey in Jesus Name. Amen.


  24. Vicki check Brooks Agnews interview on L.A Marzullis movie Watchers 5 IT tells you exactly what you want. And your intuition serves you with oil searching by using scanning equipment Brooks found out how earthquakes are artificially created.

    Just noticed your post and got to tell you Vicki that your artistry extends to your brain too, beautiful thinking and big.

    Everything i respect!

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Ali’s post from yesterday (

    Monday, February 15, 2016
    As with everything you read on awatchmanonthewall or any other website, pray and seek the counsel of God. This is a word I did not want to release, but God has confirmed to me that it must be spoken. I have promised my LORD that I would be a faithful watchman on His wall and in obedience to Him this word is released. I covet your prayers.

    On 14 February I heard: ” Judge Scalia was a victim of his own decisions. He was dealt a mortal blow by hands whose hearts thirst for blood. His death was not an accident, but a tapestry of twists and turns that have been woven to create chaos and being destruction to America.”

    Take to prayer, my precious brothers and sisters in Christ!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing that. It seems to be confirmation of what Debra Walker shared with many people this morning. World WarIII is becoming more of a reality. Too many countries flexing their might lately: China, North Korea & Russia.


      1. Rick Wiles has been repeatedly saying since last yr that WWIII already has begun. Personally, I’m pretty sure it has been in full swing in the Otherealm for a while (likely since ’08) but the veil is now so thin it’s now manifesting in the natural.

        Liked by 1 person

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