Fallen Angels – Reveal Of “Issue”

Some background on Fallen Angels aka Watchers.

Who Was Enoch?

Enoch was the son of Jared (Genesis 5:19–21), the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah. The Bible says that Enoch lived 365 years before he was taken by God. The text reads that Enoch “walked with God: and he was no more; for God took him” (Gen 5:21–24).

Excerpt taken from the following link: http://www.gnosis.org/library/dss/dss_book_of_giants.htm

“Enoch lived before the Flood, during a time when the world, in ancient imagination, was very different. Human beings lived much longer, for one thing; Enoch’s son Methuselah, for instance, attained the age of 969 years. Another difference was that angels and humans interacted freely — so freely, in fact, that some of the angels begot children with human females. This fact is neutrally reported in Genesis (6:1-4), but other stories view this episode as the source of the corruption that made the punishing flood necessary. According to The Book of Enoch, the mingling of angel and human was actually the idea of Shernihaza, the leader of the evil angels, who lured 200 others to cohabit with women. The offspring of these unnatural unions were giants 450 feet high. The wicked angels and the giants began to oppress the human population and to teach them to do evil. For this reason God determined to imprison the angels until the final judgment and to destroy the earth with a flood. Enoch’s efforts to intercede with heaven for the fallen angels were unsuccessful (1 Enoch 6-16).”


These fallen angels were also known as “watchers”.  They were bound up (aka “imprisoned”) until final judgment. 

Instead of going into detail about the Book of Enoch, I encourage you to read this for yourselves.  I don’t want to make my own interpretation of it here.  It’s available as a free download.  http://www.scriptural-truth.com/stuff/BookOfEnoch.pdf

Take everything about this post to the Lord in prayer asking for confirmation of it’s truth and value in our lives today.  We need discernment in all things. 

All of this relates to the following:  

  1. Fallen Angels
  2. Aliens
  3. Demonic Portals Opening Up
  4. Cern

Take A Look at this labeled as “Fallen Angel Comes Through A Portal” https://youtu.be/GNrNkfEXUL0



Ok, here’s the reason why I posted this today.  It’s to reveal the “issue” I caught on my security camera the other day.  What I share here is the 100% truth, and is based on what I observed.

The other day I was switching my monitor from PC mode to TV mode, but paused at Video Mode.  Video mode is where I can see what my security cameras are picking up.  This happened on 1/21/16 exactly at 5:07pm (cst).

I saw my truck move on it’s own, about 3 feet.  My first reaction was that someone had hit it and the truck had a delayed reaction of its own.  No dents found and no vehicles observed at time the truck moved when I reviewed the recording.  I simply went back out and moved my truck where it was.  I did observe that the parking brake was on and it was in Park mode before I moved it.

That part, doesn’t sound very strange.  Well, when I started reviewing the recordings I noticed what appeared to be a dis-embodied head in my truck.  This head was solid white, had no real features and only had black marks where eyes, nose and mouth should be.  There was an evil smirk on the mouth.  After reviewing the recordings, I discovered that this “thing” was in my truck for a 3-hour stretch.  

I went outside after discovering the evil image and rebuked it in the name of Jesus.  I anointed the truck with oil and did a prayer walk around my property.

I have had discussions with others on what this thing was.  It is probably one of the “Watchers” that has now been given freedom from opened portals that had been previously shut.   It is possible that the Lord has allowed this to happen at this point in time, just before Judgment begins.

Do I know this for a fact is a fallen angel/watcher/demonic entity?  No!  But I will still take this as a warning of things to come that nobody will believe.  I will state that I’ve never had this kind of experience before, and not looking forward to any in the future.

The strange thing is that some of these entities are trying to take on a human form, and must do so by taking control or “possessing” a human.

This picture here is a close example of what I saw.  The one I saw had no hair, no body no teeth, no ears.  Only black markings where mouth, eyes and nose would be.   I am not able to copy/print from my security DVR; otherwise I’d post that here.


Please do not post anything hateful, disrespectful or snarky messages.  I will not respond to them and they will just go quietly into my virtual trash can.









20 thoughts on “Fallen Angels – Reveal Of “Issue”

  1. Thank you for sharing more of that event. That was indeed, creepy, James, but not unexpected; more of these creepy things are likely going to be manifesting. I want to confirm to you and any who read your post here, that these things are indeed very real. I have seen many creepy things in the spirit that don’t exist YET “in the natural”.

    Back in the 1990s, I was heading to a town in Oklahoma to participate in ministry with a group there. On the way, I Saw these giant floating heads in the spirit, that were called spirits of discord. I was given understanding that it was a warning for the ministry there, about the plans to bring discord to that ministry.

    I warned the ministry about what I had seen and the message that these spirits would try to bring discord to the ministry to destroy it. The mother had a dream that night that also had the same giant floating heads in it; that was a confirmation of what I shared and warned about.
    So what happened? The warning was not heeded. The ministry broke up. Sadly, it caused division within the family.

    So, what’s the bottom line? We must know our authority in Christ Jesus, because these things MUST GO in the name of Jesus.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience as well Linda. And yes indeed, we can force these evil things to go in the name of Jesus. We must be covered in the blood of the Lamb and truly know the Lord. We must put 100% faith in the Lord for all things. It took me awhile to get the “reveal” out, as I wanted to first focus on some scripture. I’ve made 3-4 prior bible-study posts, but know all of us need to “dig in deeper”.

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  2. James thank you for sharing this. I have seen and experienced some very weird things during warfare and prayer walking with friends. Most times we were never shone why the Holy Spirit required us to do unusual things .. Sometimes down the road some of the puzzle pieces came together, sometimes not. It was always about obedience.

    I think learning instant obedience through very close relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is of the utmost importance. The Holy Spirit will guide and protect us if we are obedient to the instructions we are given. We may not have time to mull something over in these times. The Holy Spirit will rein us in if we are about to run out in front of a car but only if you hear His voice. You know how a little child or baby can hear his mommy or daddy’s voices above all kinds of noise? Yeshua wants that for us.

    My prayer, is that all warriors will hone their responses and hearing to perfect pitch with Almighty God.

    Keep up the good work JCSouthwest, I look forward to more of your studies.


    1. Thanks Deb and Amen to your prayer for all warriors. We need to be “prayed up”, dig deeper into the word and walk closer with the Lord daily so we can hear what it is he is telling us.


  3. Awesome post from the standpoint that I take to heart and learn very quickly from my brothers and sisters here and on Linda’s site. That got me thinking James I wonder if its a good idea to purchase a bible that you keep on the front seat as well? ( or you may already do that) I know it is all about our prayer and walking in the word with HIm first and foremost – triple blessings of protection and ring of fire around you and your property James …. and for all as well


    1. Good idea about keeping a bible on front seat. I always pray before I go out on a journey in my truck. I ask the Lord for protection of me, my vehicle and those around me — going there and back.


  4. I like that idea of praying before departure too. Thanks for posting this James – it is huge for spiritual warfare preparation – Blessings


  5. Oh James, this is incredible. I’ve never “seen” entities like this, but I have felt them. I do believe one tried to do unspeakable things to me while I slept. I woke up on my stomach, with heart pounding and sweating all over (there’s a reason homosexuality is satanic). I knew instantly, and rebuked and it fled. My husband told me that about the time that happened that something was happening to me in my sleep while we were in a hotel room. I can remember feeling unable to move, but woke up praying in tongues. It fled. Hasn’t happened for a while now (2 years). Covered by the blood.

    On another occasion, I witnessed to a woman who was once a dear friend (I realized she was a professing Christian only). That didn’t go well (she got FURIOUS and screamed at me about judging her, being an intolerant bigot, etc., etc.) The experience left me shaking and running to my King, who assured me that He hadn’t done well with Pharisees either. Later that day we left to go out of town. When we returned home two days later, I opened the door and just KNEW she had left something behind. I went through the house and pleaded the blood over every room, door and window until the chill left. Whew.

    They are real. They mean to do us harm. We are protected by the Blood, which infuriates them.

    Be covered, my brother in Christ!


    1. Thanks for sharing that Christine. Yep, they have no power over us as long as we are covered in the Blood of the lamb. The Lord is truly awesome and I like the fact that the evil ones have to back away quickly when they are rebuked with 100% trust in the Lord and in his name only.


  6. I believe you! Many dark entity’s are out for Satan and his minions are walking around seeking any who do not believe in the Blood of Jesus Christ to devour! We will lift you and your family up to our Father in Prayer right now..in Jesus name we ask that you protect all who believe in You and protect this family. Brothers and sisters put on your armour for the battle has begun! CERN and Satan’s children are ramping things up! God be with us all!! Thank you for sharing and building up the body of Christ. God Bless.


    1. Thanks Shannon. We need to keep all brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer now more than ever. I think we are going to see things move faster and we need to hold onto the Lord with 100% faith in him. We can’t do this without the power of the blood. No weapons of man will work.


  7. Thank you, James!

    Just asking for confirmation: did you really mean to type giants were 450 feet tall, or was that number a typo? I know skeletons have been found up to 32 feet in height, which is bad enough! … Hm, wait: you put that in as copy-paste, didn’t you? You didn’t retype it, so error, if any, wasn’t yours.


    1. That was a quote from the link I shared. Could be a typeo? Not sure on their part. Either way, it’s good to know as Giants were real and there has been warnings of their return as well.


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