god's justice
A Non-believer told me today, “God Must Be Bi-Polar!”.  Well, that one gave me a shock.  I wanted to react in anger, but instead I kept silent.  I’m quite certain I had a “twisted” look on my face like the picture below.
For some reason I kept  thinking this in my head: “This is not your battle to fight, leave it in my hands”.
I took this as another small example of things that are to come. We must hold our tongues in anger and take everything to the Lord in prayer.  
Scriptural References To Justice
Proverbs 21:15

When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous (the upright, the one in right standing with God), But to the evildoers it is disaster.

Genesis 4:10

The Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s [innocent] blood is crying out to Me from the ground [for justice].

You shall not follow a crowd to do [something] evil, nor shall you testify at a trial or in a dispute so as to side with a crowd in order to pervert justice;

“You shall not pervert (bend) the justice due to your poor in his dispute.

He executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and shows His love for the stranger (resident alien, foreigner) by giving him food and clothing.

You shall not distort justice; you shall not be partial, and you shall not take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and perverts the words of the righteous.

You shall pursue justice, and only justice [that which is uncompromisingly righteous], so that you may live and take possession of the land which the Lord your God is giving you.

“You shall not pervert the justice due a stranger or an orphan, nor seize (impound) a widow’s garment as security [for a loan].

‘Cursed is he who distorts (perverts) the justice due to a stranger, an orphan, and a widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’

“He selected the best [land] for himself, For there the leader’s portion was reserved; Yet he came with the leaders of the people; He carried out the justice(righteous will) of the Lord, And His ordinances (judgments) with Israel.”

His sons, however, did not walk in his ways, but turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.

So David reigned over all Israel, and continued to administer justice and righteousness for all his people.

Moreover Absalom would say, “Oh, that I were appointed judge in the land! Then every man who had a dispute could come to me and I would get justice for him.”

God said to him, “Because you have asked this and have not asked for yourself a long life nor for wealth, nor for the lives of your enemies, but have asked for yourself understanding to recognize justice,

When all [the people of] Israel heard about the judgment which the king had made, they [were in awe and reverently] feared the king, for they saw that the wisdom of God was within him to administer justice.

Blessed be the Lord your God who delighted in you to set you on the throne of Israel! Because the Lord loved Israel forever, He made you king to execute justice and righteousness.”

So David reigned over all Israel and administered justice and righteousness for all his people.

Give me wisdom and knowledge, so that I may go out and come in [performing my duties] before this people, for [otherwise] who can rule and administer justice to this great people of Yours?”

God replied to Solomon, “Because this was in your heart and you did not ask for riches, possessions or honor and personal glory, or the life of those who hate you, nor have you even asked for long life, but you have asked for wisdom and knowledge for yourself so that you may rule and administer justice to My people over whom I have made you king,

then hear from heaven and act and judge Your servants, punishing the wicked by bringing his conduct on his own head, and providing justice to the righteous by giving to him in accordance with his righteousness (innocence).

then hear from heaven their prayer and their request, and maintain their cause and do justice.

then hear from heaven, from Your dwelling place, their prayer and requests, and maintain their cause and do justice and forgive Your people who have sinned against You.

Blessed be the Lord your God, who delighted in you, setting you on His throne as king for the Lord your God; because your God loved Israel, establishing them forever, therefore He made you king over them, to do justice and righteousness.”

“Does God pervert justice? Or does the Almighty pervert righteousness?

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