2015 – A Year Of Blessings

As 2015 draws to a close, I want to take this time and thank the Lord for all he has done.  

I returned to the Lord earlier this year, after taking a very long time away from him.  I was saved back in the early 1980’s, but ran away and was into “worldly” sin for a long long time.

I don’t know exactly when I woke up, all I know is that it happened suddenly and I was made aware of truthful events around me.  I also want to thank the Lord for not giving up on me, even when I refused to listen to him for a long time.  

The Lord has forgiven me of all my sins and has blessed me in so many ways.  My sister Linda never gave up on me, and she has helped shed some light on many things by her hard work in sharing dreams, visions, scripture, prayer and current events.  Many others have done similar things and I thank them all as well.

I lost my job, my house, my vehicle, my expensive stuff and was diagnosed with many illnesses back in 2008.  Some of the illnesses I encountered along the way were none-curable and required a lot of Doctor visits and medications.

I had to move in with my parents back in late 2008 at the age of 47!  That was a challenge by itself.  I didn’t stay there very long, until I was able to get back on my feet early in 2009.

I lived in Republic, Missouri for 3 years and then moved to Springfield in 2012.  I made the mistake of moving into a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 major drug dealers, all of whom I had no knowledge of prior to the move.  I didn’t know these guys were drug dealers when I met them.  I got out of that situation very quick and ended up moving to Branson back in October 2012.  I stayed at an extended stay Hotel with my large dog Cody.  While at this Hotel, I met 3 people.  1 of those was Vern.  

After meeting those 3 people at the Hotel, we all moved into an apartment in Branson.  In 2014, all of us moved to Branson West.  I had kept out of my roommates personal affairs until I noticed something was not right with Vern.  Later in 2014, Vern asked me to take control of his health and finances.  Vern told me that the other 2 people had stolen everything from him when they lived together in California, and that they had been stealing all of his Social Security Income ever since.  I quickly put a stop to that.

Early in 2015, one of Vern’s prior caregivers started threatening myself and Vern physically when he was on his many drunken binges.  I ended up placing keyed door locks on my room and Vern’s room.   Shortly after placing the locks on, I filed a police report against the perpetrator and contacted the Landlord.   The Landlord help me remove the 2 problem people and Vern became my sole responsibility in later March 2015.

Vern had hernia surgery in the Spring of 2015, and it was to be an outpatient deal.  Vern ended up staying in the hospital, where he was given just a few days to live.  Vern had to be moved into a Skilled Nursing facility where they didn’t expect him to live very long.

Many people, including myself, had been praying for Vern.  Vern recovered and came back home with me to live.  He lived with me here until mid September.  During the short time he was back home, I had an awesome Hospice team that came to the house.  One of those workers was a true Christian, who laid hands on me and I received 100% healing. I no longer have the need for the medications that I was told I would take the rest of my life.

Vern now resides in a Skilled nursing facility in Mount Vernon, Missouri and is doing very well.  He’s made a full recovery of physical ailments, but his mind is slipping away.  He is getting the socialization that he needed. He’s made some friends and has the option to participate in daily activities there.  Some of those activities he can choose to participate in include:  Bible Study, Watching Recorded Church services, games, outings to stores, etc.

It truly has been an amazing year and the Lord gets all the thanks and Glory for it.  I’ve met some truly awake people this year and I pray for all to continue their work with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Let everyone continue to ask the Lord for forgiveness of sin every day, pray for everyone and keep strong in your faith.  The protection of the Lord is very real and I have been given confirmation of that protection numerous times.  We will all need this protection when things get tough in the near future.  

Time is running out, so we should  stop being concerned with worldly things any more.  It’s time to put our focus on where we plan to spend eternity. The more souls we can reach now through our blogs, prayers, going out to preach the word, sharing food, sharing a place to rest or whatever the Lord has placed on your heart — the more souls will be out of reach of the evil one.

We don’t have time to be debating one another, spreading gossip, or judging other people!  Those that are doing this need to come to the Lord and ask for forgiveness.  We can forgive all that are doing this, but they need to repent!  Nobody has earned anything, as all has been given freely.

We need to pray for our enemies and pray for all those the are preaching false messages of prosperity, idolatry, and general “Sugar-coated/feel-good” messages for the purposes of cash flow.  Let us not attend the churches of the “ATM”, but pray that more churches will preach the true word of the Lord.  People should feel the Holy spirit when they are in a church.  If you are going to a church that resembles a concert, party or Hollywood Production, it’s time to move on!  

The Lord has taught me a very valuable lesson regarding professing Christians.  I never new what that meant until this year.  I now know that just because someone attends a church, preaches scripture, prays, and shares things out in the public — it does not mean they have faith.   Some people are doing things out of routine, and are not being led by the Holy Spirit.

In summary, I am thankful every day for what the Lord has given me. Many lessons have been learned this year.  I am looking forward to continued growth and strength.  Let us all be ready for his return.  Let us keep praying for everyone.  All can still be saved, except those that have sinned against the Holy Spirit or those that have already denounced God and are now part of Satan’s groupies.







7 thoughts on “2015 – A Year Of Blessings

  1. Excellent testimony and THANK YOU JESUS, for His grace and mercy . . . That us prodigals have been given another chance.
    And for any who are reading this comment. . . That is a literal picture, for our last name at birth is: CHANCE

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  2. Thanks James for being so open about His journey for you! I know it hasn’t been an easy one…but oh so worth it!! Keep on sharing what He teaches and we all will grow stronger for the battle we are in! God keep and use you, bro!

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