Lost Gospels (Gnostic)


I was watching a broadcast on the National Geographic Channel tonight called “The Gospel of Judas”.  This sparked a curiosity into discovering a little more information about the “Lost Books” of the New Testament.

The purpose of this specific Blog Post is to try and list out those books with any additional study materials.  We need to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit for their authenticity and merit.  

I have found a site that claims there is a total of 55 such lost “Gnostic Gospels”.

Here’s a little excerpt from “Christian Broadcast Network” online which correlates to what was mentioned in tonight’s National Geographic show:

“We have 52 books that are not in our Bible from the second and third centuries that give evidence of a kind of Christianity that is an attempt to meld Greco-Roman philosophy and Christianity – and to make Christianity more palatable to a Greco-Roman world. That is really what those texts are about. We actually dug them up in 1945 (near Nag Hammadi, Egypt). So, they have been around for just over 60 years. We have known about them since the time of Irenaeus because he wrote about them in 180 A.D.”

Gnostic Gospels PDF: http://khazarzar.skeptik.net/books/nhl.pdf


Gnostic Gospels Not In New Testament:

  1.  The Prayer of the Apostle Paul 
  2.  The Apocryphon of James 
  3.  The Gospel of Truth * (1st copy) 
  4.  The Treatise on the Resurrection 
  5.  The Tripartite Tractate 
  6.  The Apocryphon of John (1st copy – long version) 
  7.  The Gospel of Thomas 
  8.  The Gospel of Philip 
  9.  The Hypostasis of the Archons 
  10.  On the Origin of the World * (1st copy) 
  11.  The Exegesis on the Soul 
  12.  The Book of Thomas the Contender 
  13.  The Apocryphon of John * (2nd copy) 
  14.  The Gospel of the Egyptians * (1st copy) 
  15.  Eugnostos the Blessed * (1st copy) 
  16.  The Sophia of Jesus Christ (1st copy) 
  17.  The Dialogue of the Saviour 
  18.  The Apocryphon of John (3rd copy – long version) 
  19.  The Gospel of the Egyptians (2nd copy) 
  20.  Eugnostos the Blessed * (2nd copy) 
  21.  The Apocalypse of Paul 
  22.  The (First) Apocalypse of James 
  23.  The (Second) Apocalypse of James 
  24.  The Apocalypse of Adam 
  25.  The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles 
  26.  The Thunder: Perfect Mind 
  27.  Authoritative Teaching 
  28.  The Concept of Our Great Power 
  29.  Plato, Republic 
  30.  The Discourse on the Eight and Ninth 
  31.  The Prayer of Thanksgiving & a scribal note 
  32.  Asclepius 
  33.  The Paraphrase of Shem 
  34.  The Second Treatise of the Great Seth 
  35.  Apocalypse of Peter 
  36.  The Teachings of Silvanus 
  37.  The Three Steles of Seth 
  38.  Zostrianos 
  39.  The Letter of Peter to Philip 
  40.  Melchizedek 
  41.  The Thought of Norea 
  42.  The Testimony of Truth 
  43.  Marsanes 
  44. The Interpretation of Knowledge 
  45.  A Valentinian Exposition (on Anointing, Baptism, Eucharist)
  46.  Allogenes
  47.  Hypsiphrone
  48.  The Sentences of Sextus
  49.  The Gospel of Truth * (2nd copy)
  50.  Trimorphic Protennoia 
  51.  On the Origin of the World * (2nd copy) 
  52.  The Gospel of Mary
  53.  The Apocryphon of John (4th copy)
  54.  The Sophia of Jesus Christ (2nd copy)
  55.  The Act of Peter

3 thoughts on “Lost Gospels (Gnostic)

  1. This is an excellent opportunity for people to ask the Holy Spirit to let them know if any of these are True. If there isn’t peace when reading any of these, then stop and pray; there likely is deception there. If there is peace, then ask the Holy Spirit to confirm through the Scriptures.

    Some people may not be able to read any of these and that’s absolutely ok. Some may want to find out what these say, in case the topic of these comes up; if so, he/she will have reviewed them with the Holy Spirit and will be able to bring truth. Either: “yes I read that, but it does not line up with Scriptures” or . . “It’s interesting, and may be similar to what is written in the Bible, but I would view that as more of a possible historical document, rather than the inspired Written Word of God”

    Thank you for sharing this info.

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