End Times – God’s Warnings Of Judgment


burning in hell

The Mark Of The Beast

Note:  Some have made the comment that barcodes have “666” in them — not true.  My background is in computer programming and I did work on some applications that used barcodes.  There is no “666” in them, unless it just happens to be part of a price, serial number, part number, etc.  If any barcodes have “666” in them for no reason, it was probably placed there by a “special” programmer.


Preaching Repentance

Witchcraft and New Age Spirit

3 thoughts on “Gospel Messages – Lessons

  1. To address your comment on the 666 barcode issue. Maybe people are referring to the WWW issue or vauvauvau in Hebrew which is in numerology 666? Just a thought.


    1. I’ve not heard of that one Stig-Ove. Could be true. I know that when barcodes came out, many “religous” groups labeled these as the mark of the beast because of scare tactics that were coming from pulpits.


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