Dealing With Anger

When I was running away from the Lord, I often got angry at things that can drive you crazy.   We have all dealt with “special” people at work, driving our vehicles, customer service representatives, while shopping, etc.  I am not talking about the mentally challenged people at all.


I know the Lord is working with me daily, as I no longer have veins pop out of my neck and issue some strong words that would make a lot of people blush.


I deal with impossible people now by using the word “special” often.  When someone treats me like they are doing me a favor by waiting on me, I may say something like “aren’t you special, thank you”.  When dealing with many of the customer service representatives that “take the short bus to work” — my response is “How Special”.


You have to put a little humor in your life, along with your daily walk with the Lord.  You can’t let the ignorance of others get you angry.  It won’t matter what you say, it will not change them.

Scripture reference about anger:

Ephesians 4:31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:








7 thoughts on “Dealing With Anger

  1. Them big chips that some seem to carry around on those weak shoulders of theirs, need flicking off with a strong fore finger.
    Going through life as though the world owes them a living, while the only reason they work is to get that living nobody owes them in the first place.
    Do you owe them a thankyou? Maybe, but out of your own politeness anyway.
    Do they owe you civility? Yes, it’s their entire reason they was financially willing to hold that position of making an individual feel welcome and a service provided as reward for your hard earned payment.
    The feeling of entitlement spreads and runs riot, akin to a spoilt four year old with demands of attention and provisions, which is with them throughout adult life, so having to praise them for the payed deeds they accomplish.
    Anger? Anger is for fools who have no self control of their emotions, which controls them to a degree in situations where a calm head would resolve problems, and leave them looking like a wise person and dignified for handling it with a calm demeanour.
    Demanding adults who have never reached a maturity in there minds, with an inwardly, narcissistic, self-absorbed, selfishness, which they have never overcome since childhood, and never happy with their houses full of possessions, always needing and demanding more as they are blind to other’s poverty around them to stop a moment, and look, really look hard, so they become more human, and see how entitled and spoilt they have become.
    However, after looking and awakening for a moment, they selfishly go back into that deep privileged slumber of theirs, never acknowledging the true meaning of existence.


    1. Jason,
      Thanks for the truthful thoughts. It is very true that many feel they are owed something by society. It is obvious with their attitudes towards other people. Our daily walk with the Lord can help strengthen us to deal with these things, which includes replacing Anger with Love. Applying humor sure does help me.

      Awesome comment you posted, much appreciated.


      1. Unsure if your comment is directed towards me or James, but thank-you anyhow, and again to James for his thoughtful and indeapth blog/s.
        Wishing you both all the best for the coming newyear and good health also

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