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News – CERN (aka Large Hadron Collider / Particle Accelerator in Switzerland)



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News – Planets/Solar System:



11 thoughts on “Prophecy – True News – Informational Links

    1. You Are welcome. I have a lot more, so I might be breaking up that post into smaller ones.
      I have watched a few of the videos on youtube. I’ve wanted to go to the show, when they have a guest speaker.
      It’s only about 15 miles from my house. They’ve had some very interesting speakers that share the truth in current events.

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  1. They are located in Blue Eye, Missouri and I am in Branson West, Missouri. I have visited the place. It’s more humble looking around the grounds then one would expect. They have the studio, apartments, rv hook-ups, gift shop and what looked like a grocery store. I’d love to live in an RV over there, just for the peace and quiet, plus the scenery outdoors is awesome. I need to check and see what speakers are coming up and just go with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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